Marriage & Monogamy

I sat down with my Beloved for this one on one interview in which we discuss the subjects our marriage & monogamy. I started out with asking my Beloved a few questions. I asked him to fill in the blank. 

“My favorite memory of our wedding day is _______.” My Beloved’s response was looking into my deep dark brown eyes without being concerned with hitting the bottom. And me memory was pretty much that I was buzzed from drinking all the alcohol before the ceremony.

“I laugh every time I think of you doing ______.” My Beloved couldn’t really come up with an answer rather than I tell some funny jokes. I added nothing to this statement.

How have you changed since we’ve been married? Beloved credits me for his worldly view, opening up his narrow mind. Looking at cultures & people differently. Getting rid of things that haven’t been used in over a year.

The conversation turns into a candid discussion about our marriage. My beloved “deals” with my “illness” in a positive manner that works for us. We go on to talk about my flirting with men online and his knowledge of it. We discuss everything. Touch on how our relationship works, jealousy, the other men. He doesn’t confront me, he gives me guidelines so that I don’t hurt myself. We talk about looking at other people with a sort of lust or wanting. Talking about affairs, boundaries and possible scenarios.

Do you truly love the person you’re married to, because if you do, you’ll find it a lot easier to forgive that person because you actually love them….”

Accepting of each person in the marriage. “It’s like welding two pieces of medal.”

Certain rules in our marriage.

  1. We are honest with each other, fuss up and come clean.
  2. Never saying “Fuck you” or swearing at each other in anger.

I share my thoughts about infidelity. That I don’t wanna know. I understand that things (one night stands) happen. As long as it doesn’t affect me directly. I don’t wanna know.

What do you like about our marriage? Sometimes I can be ungrateful, bratty. My Beloved doesn’t like that part of our marriage.

In what ways do you think we love differently? I’m not mushy. Whereas, my beloved is very touchy. Did you love me? Well then show me. Take out the garbage!

Where do you see us in 5 years? “In Texas…ok, maybe 7 years.” Riding Motorcycles 

“The song that always makes you think of me is __________.” His response was “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. And mine for him would be “I’ll never find another you” by The Seekers.

The above is a brief summary of the audio.  Thanks for listening.

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