Maia Porpora WCE Wicked Wireless Contour Silicone Egg [Review]

Porpora WCE Wicked Wireless Contour Egg Vibrating Silicone Egg 

from Maia The Colors of Erotica.


  • Measuring about 10 cm length and 3.2 cm width (4 inches).
  • Uses 1 AA battery for vibrating egg and 1 12V (A23) Battery for remote control
  • 10 speeds of pulsation/vibration
  • Vibrating egg is made of 100% Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Product comes in purple or yellow.
  • Wireless remote, push button and remote control
  • Price ranges from $25-$65

What I Like:

The fact that it is waterproof is a major plus in my book. I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining it, however there is mention of removing the batteries before washing and cleaning the vibrator. I didn’t do that, perhaps that is the reason it no longer works. I will go into detail in the next section. I never used this product in the shower even though it’s waterproof. I liked that fact that it is easy to clean afterwards.

The other feature that I enjoyed is that there is a remote control. This makes it more exciting when there is someone else in control of the remote. It can be distracting when having to look for the remote while still using the egg.

The feel of the silicone in my hands, so silky and smooth. There is even a pleasant scent to the vibrator, not of plastic or rubber but more like a sweet or floral scent. The texture against my skin, so soft. The different settings of vibration were from light to a steady vibration.

There was a purple bag included to store the egg and remote in.


What I Didn’t Like:

The first issue that I don’t like is that my vibrating egg no longer vibrates. Something went wrong, perhaps in the way I cleaned it. Whatever the reason the toy just doesn’t turn on anymore. The second issue I have with this toy is the speciality 12V (A23) battery that is required for the remote control. Just one of these batteries can cost $1.50 on up. I had already gone through two batteries for the remote control. The vibrations are a bit on the low side, I wondering if that had something to do with the battery.

I would not have purchased this Wicked Wireless Contour Egg Vibrating Silicone Egg for the amount of money I have seen it for. If I had I would have been angry & disappointed that the product no longer works. I do not like to have to return a product via mail and would have just turned me off to the product and the company.

Not exactly sure about the “color of erotica” and what that means. On the Maia Toys website there is a section about the colors. Below is taken from just to give an example of the one color or erotica.


Purple:Royal, Spirituality, Dignity
Are associated with the color purple and these toys are available for this mood sense

Wicked Wireless Contour Egg 20-03

I received this product FREE as a prize in a contest that I had entered. The above review is based on my personal experience and honest thoughts






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