Looking Back at 2014

Most bloggers look back at their year in blogging. I’m no different. My blog has covered a few different topics. I have tried to narrow it down to 3 or 4. In no specific order in the past year I wrote about…

  • My Sexual Adventures (both past & present. I never admitted to which I was writing about)
  • Product Reviews (through Influester, Smiley360, BzzAgent and a few sex toys)
  • BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder- which covers a lot of other stuff such as my risky sexual behaviors, substance abuse, unstable relationships)
  • Memes (Participating in a few different blogging memes, such as BFMH2014, TMI Tuesday, etc.)

It was because of those memes, like Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday and  The Fellatio Project I received some exposure in other blogging communities and gained some readers.

I know that I don’t fit into one particular blogging niche. I just like being out there. Writing for me, sharing my thoughts and sharing my photos. I will admit there are times when I felt beaten down, because the numbers just weren’t there. I got caught up in the numbers game, not what was in my heart. I never wrote about the stuff that was really going on in my mind. That is one thing that I will be working on in 2015.

My Top Posts for 2014

  1. On My Knees Again
  2. Fapping to My Photos
  3. The BlowJob
  4. OVO W1 Review
  5. Don’t Ever Make Me Wait Again

 Disappointments of 2014

  1. The lack of sex. The boredom with sex. Not getting the sex I WANTED.
  2. Not being able to find a full-time job. Then losing my old route because the boss gave it back to the original driver, who is a man. I have to accept the fact that there are still men that think like this.
  3. Not being exactly where I would like to be in the blogosphere.
  4. Not getting my house organized more than I had planned in my mind. De-Clutter.

 Highlights of 2014

  1. I spent time with my #1 fan & his wife during the month of May
  2. My oldest son got married to a wonderful woman who understands him. They love each other. I’m thankful & proud.
  3. I babysat my grandson during the summer. Spending time with him will be a highlight of my life.

Looking Forward to 2015

  1. Spending another holiday with my #1 fan & his beautiful wife in May
  2. Finishing the remodeling of the basement
  3. Riding the Harley more than I did in 2014. New handlebars and a few other custom items for her.

Goals for 2015

  • Writing about what’s really on my mind. Writing about what’s really going on in my life and not hiding behind the facade of “everything’s ok.”
  • More Photos. I never considered myself a writer. I just wrote down the words that were in my head. However, one thing I learned this year about my blogging…is that I enjoy taking photos for the memes, to use in my blogs when I can. Coming up with ideas for different photos. Sure, my photos are NOT professional – far from it! But I enjoy taking them, for me and for those who fap to my photos.
  • Taking a class. Not sure exactly which class I would like to take. Maybe a writing class, computer class for basis web design or CSS code or a photography class. I would take an evening class or even one of those community college courses.
  • Continue looking for a full-time job. I have a CDL. Why can’t I find a job driving? I never, NEVER had this difficult of a time finding a job with my qualifications.
  • This one I am just tossing in, that is to lose the poundage that I placed on my gut & ass. I am a complete and total sugar junkie. I will die as such, instead of drinking myself to death I will die of a sugar overdose if I don’t get a grip on this bad eating habit.
  • Getting more involved by subscribing to more blogs, leaving more comments. Expand my reading topics. Looking for new stuff to read.



Beck and Her Kinks – for adding me to her “Top 25 Sex Bloggers for 2014.” This is one of my proudest & happiest moments for 2014 in my blogging pursuit. Thanks to Beck & ModestyAblaze for also nominating me for Top Sex Bloggers of 2014, even though I never made the list, it was enough that they both thought enough of me to include me in it all. That gesture runs deep for me, it’s the action not the words.

Modesty Ablaze for being one of my top commenters. There is something about her posts, that puts my mind because she has had similar experiences. She is someone who I can relate to.  I like the way she writes, once again because her writing makes me feel like I’m not the only one who feels the way I do or experienced what I have in my life.

My other top commenters are Marie Rebelle & Molly Moore. I admire both these women so much. Having their own blog, their own memes to monitor and yet finding time to read & comment so many other blogs. Both of them are strong & determined women in what each of them do, they inspire others and they are dedicated to their blogs & writing.

A Thank You to my lurkers. To those of you who are reading my posts & jerking to my photos in the dark corners of the interwebs.

2015 Mantra

This was sent to me by my former boss. A running joke of the fact that I my favorite work is FUCK.

I told her I am using this as my mantra, mission statement for 2015.

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