I read somewhere that it is important to network with other bloggers. It’s not easy for me to reach out to strangers, leaving comments make me nervous because I know that the comment can be easily misunderstood. However there are a few bloggers that I have a really enjoy their blogs, I admire their talents and dedication to the art of blogging. Listed below are some of my favorite bloggers, if you decide to follow them please tell them Cat sent you. *wink*

(No particular order)

  • Tedbook’s Daily Pics – Daily photolog of Ted Strutz
  • Modesty Ablaze – Super friendly erotic author, who shares some spectacular scavenger hunt photos.
  • Rayne Millary – A rad, outspoken sex blogger
  • MarieRebelle – In charge of Wicked Wednesday Meme.
  • Molly – In charge of Sinful Sunday Meme.
  • Jack & Jill – A friendly flirty couple
  • Lily – a sex blogger who knows has tons of excellent information
  • Heaven – sexy hot cam girl & blogger
  • Jo – Teachers Have Sex, who is hot for teacher!?!?! ME!!!
  •  [E]Lust – Monthly newsletter with sex blog posts submitted by different bloggers.
  • Life of Elliot & all the jizz – Mostly sexual, sometimes erotic, humorous, maybe smutty, usually a photo.
  • Jake Collier7 – An English Gentleman who writes a little bit about everything.
  • Tedbook – dedicated to the musings and pseudo-literary efforts of Ted Strutz.
  • Sex Matters – A nice sex blog that has a lot in it.
  • Kayla Lords – a sex blogger, successful author and creator of Masturbation Monday
  • Little Switch Bitch – An Irish Lass blogging about all things sex. And she does it very well.
  • The Smutlancer – Resources for the sex blogger
  • Submissbliss –  Lessons for a plus size over-50 sex positive sexual submissive



  • Febooary – month long [daily question] audio challenge during the month of Febuary.
  • AudioMo – month long [anything goes] audio challenge during the month of June.
  • Octaver – month long [music theme] audio challenge during the month of October.
  • Crapvine – Podcasting website


Below are a few apps that have been on my iphone. Some I have tried & no longer use.

  • Instagram
  • tumblr
  • G+
  • Twitter
  • wordpress
  • viber (direct texting app)
  • Pinterest
  • songza (music player app)
  • photo vault (to hold all my penis’ photos from My Discarded Men)
  • foursquare (location app)
  • stumbleupon
  • bloglovin
  • kik (direct texting app)
  • Boss Jock Studio (if, you’re a podcaster, you should make the investment. I don’t make any money or points. But I should, I really back this app)
  • Ipadio (another audio recording platform that is high on my list. NO longer on my iphone.)
  • Audioboo (A must have for me. Don’t like some of their policies, how they handle crisis, however AB has a small sense of community and a strong VI community)
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • LINE (texting app)
  • Anchor
  • Several Photo Editing apps
Always have it in my hand. Thank goodness I don't have a cock!

Always have it in my hand. Thank goodness I don’t have a cock!

May 14, 2014 iPhone Slut

May 14, 2014
iPhone Slut

Always the iPhone Slut October 2014

Always the iPhone Slut October 2014





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