Let’s Talk About Sex [f4tf14]

Are you comfortable discussing sex with your partner? Do you have the confidence to ask for what you like/want?

YES. I am very comfortable talking sex with my current partner. We talk about I LOVE YOU, holding hands, couple sex, the opposite sex and everything in between. He said “I’m glad that I can talk about sex with you, that you don’t get upset or jealous if I comment about how attractive another women is.”

We talk about the stuff we like, what we don’t like. What’s off-limits. We discuss our “dry patches,” those times when we are just not interested in having sex or simply bored.

I have mentioned a few times what I want during sex, but he is very vanilla. Ok, not very vanilla but damn close. I love him. Yet, sometimes its difficult in the relationship when one person is bored & unsatisfied. This can lead to other issues in the relationship. What I like or want during sex is on his “off-limits” list. However, we do understand that “things happen.” Not condoning some acting out behavior, we both understand that sometimes lust gets the better of us. Doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other, just means “things happen!”



  • Not really I don’t want to ask the questions rather be asked

  • I’m in a similar situation right now, my partner is very vanilla (he considered oral sex kinky), but at least he’s open to trying most things, so it’s about baby stepping us up to a level that I desire – if he’s willing along the journey.

  • I am comfortable talking about it because if I don’t like something or your doing it wrong I am going to tell you about it .

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