Lemon Bars

I love lemon bars. Lots of powered sugar on the top. I like the taste of tart tangy lemon.
Normally I would bake my own. Feeling a bit lazy these days. And a bit overweight. The low esteem, poor self image issue is rearing it’s ugly head. Winter season is always the worst for me, as far as overeating. Another symptom I deal with.
Drowning myself in food. Lemon bar, yes. Let’s eat it.
At Valli’s grocery store, at the bakery department I see all the yummy tempting sweets. I get a slice of the lemon bars. Bring it home, imaging what it’s gonna taste like. Lemon! Tart tangy lemon. NO! This tastes like … nothing like what I was expecting. Lemon flavor is mild and quickly disappears followed by the thick crust taste. Yuk. Glad my beloved eats just about anything because he’s gonna finish it. Won’t be buying another bar at Valli’s.


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