Leather Conditioner & Restorer [Product Review]

I own lots of leather items, such as boots, purses, clothing items, furniture. Even the seats in my car are leather. I LOVE leather! I treat them every season with leather cleaner, etc. My shoes I clean more often.  This time I tried something new that was provided to me complimentary by Leather Nova. It’s called Leather Conditioner & Restorer

Leather Conditioner & Restorer

Leather Conditioner & Restorer is a non-toxic leather protector. This product can be used on just about any leather or vinyl item except suede. 

I first used Leather Conditioner on my car seat. I noticed that where ever the leather is cracked or damaged that when the conditioner is applied it will become dark. 

Leather Nova and Car Leather

The above photo doesn’t truly show the difference in the condition of the leather. There is a bit of a darker tint to the leather, which the Leather Conditioner does do on any thing you use it on. I left the single coat on for over an hour, came out to the car and the seat was still a bit oily, sleek feeling. I wiped it down again with a towel, it was still slick. There was a shiny look to the leather. I didn’t notice a new leathery smell at all, which is ok with me. It would be a plus, but really not necessary.

Next I used Leather Conditioner on my leather biker jacket. My jacket was soft, smooth and supple, not to mention shiny. 

Leather Conditioner & Restorer

I thought if this Leather Conditioner works so well on my jacket, which I wear every year. I wonder what it will do to leather that is dry, hard and stiff. I went to the back of the closet to get my hubby’s father’s old Harley Davidson biker jacket. His dad (now deceased) bought it brand new in 1962. It worked perfectly!! Softened up the leather right, after about 20 minutes. I applied only one coat on one side of the jacket, because I wanted my hubby to guess what I did to the jacket. He noticed after a few squeezes to the sides of the jacket. He said “this side is hard & dry, this side is soft and shiny.” I noticed that the Leather Conditioner did not cover the faded leather spots like it on the car seat. The back of the bottle does say the “old & dry leather” may need two coats. 

I did drop a few drops of water on the leather to see what would happen. The water beaded up and rolled. The photo below (with the water drops) is immediately after application. Since the Leather Conditioner is made with polymers, “it’s like silicone” my hubby said. I said “then the water shouldn’t stain or ruin the leather.” He replied “it shouldn’t.” I also noticed that fingertips were very soft after handling the jacket. 

old leather coat

old leather coat

Next we dug hubby’s favorite cowboy boots out of the closet. After a good clean dusting & cleaning he was ready to use the Leather Conditioner. The brown boots are over 20 years old and were a bit stiff, but after using the conditioner the boots softened right up. He was really impressed. In an hour he wiped them both and they were restored back to a soft, supple leather. 

Cowboy Leather

What I DON’T Like about Leather Conditioner by Leather Nova:

  • On the back of the bottle it states it is 100% Non-Toxic. However, there is no list of ingredients on this bottle. There is a website, email address and 800 number for Leather Nova. I suppose that if an emergency came up that the authorities could use that contact information. On the back of the bottle it states “check the manufacture’s labels for any additional warnings…” Where? I did check the website. I couldn’t find any warning instructions. 
  • It does have an oily sheen on stuff. It was on my fingers and is now on my keyboard. Not a lot but enough for me to know that its there. Be careful where you are using this product because it will get on anything & everything it touches if you’re not careful with it or while using it.

What I DO Like about Leather Conditioner by Leather Nova:

  • It works beautifully restoring old dry leather back to a smooth, supple leather. Adds weather protection from rain and snow.
  • There is no strong smell. I couldn’t smell anything at all, even after applying it to my leather goods.
  • It’s made in the USA.
  • It can be used on almost “anything that has a skin on it” as my hubby put it. From the basic leather items such as car seats, purses, boots, heels, jackets to all that stuff that is made of such things as snakes, shark, ostrich and crocodiles just to name a few.
  • It came with a foam applicator. 
  • A long amount goes a long way. So, getting an 8 ounce bottle should cover lots of leather goods. 

My hubby & I were very impressed with this product. I would recommend this to anyone who has lots of leather items that need attention and conditioning. It’s worth the price of $15.97 for the 8 ounce bottle. 

[DISCLAIMER: A complimentary sample of Leather Conditioner & Restorer – The Ultimate Leather Protector for Cars, Furniture, Boots, Saddles, Purses & More – Foam Applicator Included was provided to me by Leather Nova in exchange for testing purposes and my honest opinion after use]

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