Don’t Ever Make Me Wait Again

[This is an entry from out of my personal journal dated January 19th.]

This was some of the hottest sex we have had in the entire year of being fuck buddies. I knew it had been awhile since the previous time we had gotten together. January 6th was the last time, we both had been very busy and unable to connect, with work, family issues, etc. 
I don’t text him, even tho I know I could. I enjoy being chased too much for me to text him. So I waited and waited. I knew that being the addict that he is, it was only a matter of time before he contacted me.
It was Tuesday when he did. 
got time today?”
I want to feel my cock sliding into your pussy
sorry, no time today, not until Thursday
ohhh you’re gonna make me WAIT?!”
I’m busy..very busy, working both jobs, etc” 

I think he knew I was playing hard to get. I was a little testy with him for making ME wait! I use him as much as he uses me. I need that feeling I get when I’m desired, wanted. It gives me a high like no other drug. I guess that’s why I get “addicted” to some men very quickly. Others, I just flirt with, they have to have a “certain” something, in order for me to play along.
You are gonna pay for making me wait!! 🙂
ok, will hold you to that ;)”

We had a previous conversation about sub/dom role play. I told him I didn’t see him as a sub at all. He agreed and added “I do get into those moods, not very often, sometimes. It turns me on to think of you fucking my ass with The Mrs’ strapon, wearing your heels, dressed in leather.”  He is more dominant, he loves being in control, making decisions, etc. Even when he played with that guy, he was a top. We both like it a little rough. I often wonder what he’s like with The Mrs when they are not having play time.
Back to the adventure, we agreed to met on Thursday at the apartment. It had recently snowed, the back steps were not shoveled and I had to walk through it all. He laughed when I got inside.

 “You didn’t think I would get out there to shovel?!”You’re a jerk! Footprints stupid! I wore boots so anyone can figure out that a female came here!” 

It was cold so I walked over to the steam heater standing next to him as we rubbed our hands together to warm up. He grabs my hands and kisses me forcing his tongue into my mouth. He moved back towards the wall, one hand running down to my ass, squeezing, pulling me towards him. We’re still kissing, his lips are so soft, he tastes great. My hands explore his body, feeling his skin under his shirt. Suddenly, he pulls my hair back just a bit. His hand around my throat. He squeezes but not to hard. I placed my hand on top of his adding more pressure to let him know that it was OK.

Do you know I have been wanting to fuck you since last week,?! My cum bucket. Don’t do this to me again, understand? I told you I would make you pay for making me wait!”  His fingers go into my mouth, pulling my lips, exploring my mouth and SLAP! He lightly slaps me DON”T EVER MAKE ME WAIT THIS LONG!” His voice is forceful & deep. It felt strangely wonderful, just enough force to sting but not to hurt. He kisses me again, moving towards my neck, hands roaming. My sweater comes off, then my bra. He stops to remove his shirt. I look at his tattoos on his chest, my hands reach for him, I kiss him, moving down to his nipples, fingertips gently caressing his skin.

He pulls me back up towards him, his mouth engulfs my nipple while the other hand is teasing the other nipple. He started getting rougher. OUCH! My nipples started to sting, but in a good way. He had told me to wear a skirt, so I obeyed. He pulled down my wet panties, his fingers thrust inside me. I stood there leaning against the table, while his fingers fucked my wet hole. He kissed my neck, breathing onto my neck, I came. I knew it was his turn, his pants went down. I dropped to my knees. Sucking his cock with all my hunger. He forces his throbbing hard cock into my mouth, teasing me with it. Pulling it out, slapping it against my face you want my cock don’t you?!” He’s fucking my throat hard & fast. It’s hitting the back of my throat, making it sore. I’m not worried nor do I really care at this point. He pulls me up to my feet. Turn around, I gonna fuck you, filling you with every drop of my cum.” I lean over the table. My tits are flat on the table. My arms spread across the table, nothing to grab onto. He pulls my panties down further, spreading my legs, lifting up my skirt around my waist. He thrusts into me fast, fucking me hard, pushing me into the table, my nipples rubbing against the top. My hands reach for something, but there is nothing. He is pounding away like a dog in heat. He grabs my waist digging his hands into my sides, pulling faster & faster. I know he’s gonna explode into me soon. I am so turned on by all of this. I am gonna cum again. I’m moaning, gasping for what seems like my last breath.I hear him, breathing faster & moaning. He makes that sound as he fills me with his seed (yes, we practice unsafe sex). I gave him a few last squeezes while he finishes. My hand goes to his thigh holding him there for a second, so I can stop shaking. He knew we had both been satifised. He runs to get a towel. We clean up.

Kiss goodbye until the next time.

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