It’s all about Reviews [WW142]

This week Wicked Wednesday’s Prompt is Reviews.

Do you write reviews? Yes I do.

Product reviews? Yes. So far it’s a few beauty products, household products and miscellaneous products. I have written a few sex toy reviews when I started out on EdenFantasys. I haven’t signed up with any companies nor been approached by any companies to write reviews, however I would. It was one major motivator for me to becoming self-hosted. I have won a few contests and still have yet to write reviews on those sex toys. I really want to finish my Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, but something always seems to get in me way. I also wanted to share my review on the LeLo GiGi 2, but again I get side tracked. I do always think about all the sex toy reviews that are out there now. I would like to review items that are not on the popular list. lol.

Book reviews? No. I suffer from Attention issues. I can’t sit long enough to read a book.

Website reviews? I’ve never been asked to review a website. I would give it a go if I was asked.

Other kinds of reviews? Like I mentioned before, general items from and and Items like Hair dye, nail polish, men’s cologne (Reveal by Calvin Klein, the most recent) Rewards cards and food. I also write reviews on I love that site.


Writing my Review

Why do you write reviews? Because I like sharing my experience with others looking to buy a product. It’s the same as a friend suggesting that I buy a certain item because they had a positive experience with that product. And the opposite holds true that if I had a negative experience with a product I would want others to know not to waste their money or time. I will be writing a negative review on something I purchased from today was the deadline for shipment. I learned to check the Amazon store that I’m buying from. There was no tracking number, it’s out of the country and late. That’s bad business. If I can help someone decide about purchasing that item after my experience then that is a good thing.

How do you write reviews? When I use my blog I have a general outline I use. Otherwise I do like using Instagram for short, brief reviews. It’s great with a single photo and tag words. It’s faster for me too. Otherwise like I said I can easily get distracted. It also depends on the product itself.

Do you have a specific way you go about it or do you do it differently every time? When I use Instagram I try to get creative with the photos, so it can be different each time. Otherwise on my blog I use the “outline.” First thing I do is always take lots of photos before I open the product. I carefully open it, continuing to take photos. Keep everything handy when I write the review. I scribble down notes of my first impression, especially my five senses.


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