It’s all about Reviews [WW142]

This week Wicked Wednesday’s Prompt is Reviews.

Do you write reviews? Yes I do.

Product reviews? Yes. So far it’s a few beauty products, household products and miscellaneous products. I have written a few sex toy reviews when I started out on EdenFantasys. I haven’t signed up with any companies nor been approached by any companies to write reviews, however I would. It was one major motivator for me to becoming self-hosted. I have won a few contests and still have yet to write reviews on those sex toys. I really want to finish my Revel Body Sonic Vibrator, but something always seems to get in me way. I also wanted to share my review on the LeLo GiGi 2, but again I get side tracked. I do always think about all the sex toy reviews that are out there now. I would like to review items that are not on the popular list. lol.

Book reviews? No. I suffer from Attention issues. I can’t sit long enough to read a book.

Website reviews? I’ve never been asked to review a website. I would give it a go if I was asked.

Other kinds of reviews? Like I mentioned before, general items from and and Items like Hair dye, nail polish, men’s cologne (Reveal by Calvin Klein, the most recent) Rewards cards and food. I also write reviews on I love that site.

Writing my Review

Writing my Review

Why do you write reviews? Because I like sharing my experience with others looking to buy a product. It’s the same as a friend suggesting that I buy a certain item because they had a positive experience with that product. And the opposite holds true that if I had a negative experience with a product I would want others to know not to waste their money or time. I will be writing a negative review on something I purchased from today was the deadline for shipment. I learned to check the Amazon store that I’m buying from. There was no tracking number, it’s out of the country and late. That’s bad business. If I can help someone decide about purchasing that item after my experience then that is a good thing.

How do you write reviews? When I use my blog I have a general outline I use. Otherwise I do like using Instagram for short, brief reviews. It’s great with a single photo and tag words. It’s faster for me too. Otherwise like I said I can easily get distracted. It also depends on the product itself.

Do you have a specific way you go about it or do you do it differently every time? When I use Instagram I try to get creative with the photos, so it can be different each time. Otherwise on my blog I use the “outline.” First thing I do is always take lots of photos before I open the product. I carefully open it, continuing to take photos. Keep everything handy when I write the review. I scribble down notes of my first impression, especially my five senses.

Click here to found out who else is being Wicked

Click here to found out who else is being Wicked

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