I’ll Light the Way [365photo]

I don’t smoke. I tried when I was around 10 or 11 years old. I tried because my older cousins were doing it. I coughed & coughed & coughed.

I tried it again around middle school age. We would be at the park, thinking we were so cool. I still would cough & cough. I finally gave up trying to be cool with smoking. That’s when I turned to music instead.

But flames and smoke always captivated me. I enjoy looking at fire, loved playing with it, candles & melting wax. I love smoke photography. I think the way smoke is captured in photos is at times sexy, mysterious and fascinating.

This is no smoke in the photo below, just a flame that I edited, but those are my lips and a cigarette and I’m wearing those new black gloves that I bought at the estate sale.

Thank You Mr. Sam for giving me the title to this photo. He’s good like that, I wish I was creative with words & thoughts as he is.



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