I Thought it Would be Fun

For shits & giggles I applied for a temporary job for the Halloween season. I actually got the job. I was thrilled. My first day I worked 7 hours. I noticed immediately that the regulars were not very friendly, at times not helpful. Always had the “you’re bothering me” look on their face.

I wasn’t used to working on my feet for that long without some sort of break. There were no 10 minute breaks, no break room, no smoking breaks. You get 30 minutes for eating but there is no break down just a table in the costume storage room and a “fun-size” microwave & refrigerator. I would walk out to my car & sit.

Last night was the last straw, after a young kid was assigned to clean 7 out of the 10 isles failed to do a fucking thing all night. I was responsible for the remaining 3 isles along with the back wall of the store. The assistant manager told me that I needed to inspect the 7 isles and if they were bad I would have to fix them.


Did she say what I think she said? Fuck that. I wanna go home. I’ve worked ALL day. That little fuck has been sashaying through the store all fucking night. I started at 4:30 scheduled to be off at 10. I was told I could take my break at 8:30-9pm. What’s the point?

The more I thought about driving across town the 8 miles and sometimes 23 from my other job…I figured it’s just. It worth it. The amount of bullshit, and unfriendly workers, ugh. Thinking that this weekend I’m scheduled to work 11-7 standing in the front of the store helping customers with their costumes. I would only be getting ONE 30 minute break and the rest of the time I would be standing.

No. No, the newness has worn off. It was fun dressing up, but it’s time to get back to my online life.


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