House at the End of the Street

Last night, I went to see “House at the End of the Street.” For some reason I thought this was a horror film, not a psychological thriller. I am a fan of both genres of film however, this movie does nothing for me. I left having more questions. I think I jolted from my seat a total of two times, a true fan of horror films learn to anticipate the “scary, startling” scenes. This movie was full of cliches, small ones, yet very obvious to a person who knows what to look for.

The movie started out very slow and only started to pick up the pace towards the last 20-30 minutes of the film. By that time I was thinking, “any day now.” I am the type of person who likes to figure out the end for myself, before the film gives away the answers in the last 20 minutes. I don’t want to give too much a way, but like I said, I have more questions. At the end the pieces are given to you because time is running out, you are the one who has to “force” the pieces together. However, the pieces just don’t seem to fit correctly. Maybe if you tape it together it might make sense and no one will notice. Maybe this movie is just so simple that I missed something. Oh well, either way, I was NOT impressed. Oh one thing, I did like very much is how the movie used a modern day problem to add to the “why” & “how” the parents acted the way they did. It’s a problem in so many households currently and I think will truly be a cause of concern when those children are adults. Just another avenue for authors to get storylines from and produce more real life scary movies.

Bottom line I figured every persons issues in adulthood can & will be traced back to the mother (or parents). It just always seems to be the mother. In most of the psychological thrillers that I have seen in the past, it’s always the mother’s fault. The mother, the first human we are totally dependent on, is the one to be feared the most. This movie is no different, don’t expect nothing new if you watch this. Just know that you will leave scratching your head. I sat that and asked myself “can I get that time back?” I would suggest only watch this movie when it’s on cable such as HBO, Starz, etc. Don’t pay any money to go to the theater to watch it, because it’s NOT worth it.

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