Holding Hands [SS234]

In him, I’ve found the love of my life and dearest, truest friend.


 My simple pleasure can be found in his touch, the warmth of his skin against mine and his fingers intertwined with mine. 

Togetherness in the Afternoon


I love just being with you. Especially during the simple times.

No plans, no noise.

Just us doing nothing.

Holding hands. – Dean Jackson

Holding Hands

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UPDATE: The last photo was selected for Sinful Sunday’s Weekly Round Up 234

I love this image. Holding hands is truly one of the simple pleasures in life, it is how we connect physically with our loved ones especially when out and about. It is the most simple gesture of a loving connection that I think we humans have and as such is terribly powerful. The fact this image was taken outdoors invites us into that moment with these two lovers. It feels intimate, real, loving and tender.” – Molly


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