Hobo Dinner 

Since he has dragged out the old Weber grill from the shed I decided I should put it to good use. It’s been really hot & humid outside. Too hot to heat up the kitchen, so I’m learning to use the old fashion (charcoal) grill again. Scanning the net for grilling out recipes I came across one that looked pretty easy to make. 

I cheated. Instead of using foil to wrap the entire meal I used a round foil tray from the dollar store. Tossed in some hamburger patties (left from yesterday, uncooked) added some carrots, potatoes and an ear of corn (lots of butter!) seasonings. Covered it up and placed on the grill. Wasn’t sure how long to leave it on, I gave it 45 minutes. Probably could have taken it off in 20-30 minutes. 

I was impressed with myself. It really tasted great!


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