XYZlicone Infinity Band [Product Review]

Last year my husband & I were attending a social event when he noticed that his ring finger was starting to swell. He had to cut his gold wedding band off his finger. Since then he has had no replacement wedding ring, until now.

He was always having to take off his gold wedding band at work. He is a mechanic on diesel engines. There is always a fear of getting it caught on something with the possibility of serious injury.

When I was provided an opportunity to review the XYZlicone Infinity Band I jumped at it. I will say that I was very impressed with it. Sure, it may look simple, however I love the simple, elegant look. His previous wedding band was a simple gold band, very similar to this XYZlicone band. The major difference is the material. The XYZlicone band is flexible, durable and comfortable to wear 24/7. Compared to the customary metal bands that are stiff, can cause injury and can be easily damaged from daily wear & tear.

When we first tried it size 10 on, it was a bit too tight for his finger. We were initially disappointed. I emailed the company and within 24 hours the owner contacted us to let us know that there was a “bonus” ring included. The bonus ring is one size larger, so an 11. This band fit much more comfortably. We were very impressed with the company and this product.

XYZlicone Infinity Band

What I did not like about the XYZlicone Infinity Band

  • Because it is similar to having a rubber band on your finger, be aware of your ring size. We ordered a size 10 not thinking about the tightness of the ring. I would order a size larger if your hand and fingers swell easily. Because the ring will become uncomfortable if it is too tight.
  • A bit annoying was that the company did send several emails requesting a review on their Amazon product page. One email after the purchase would be enough for me,  not any more than that.
  • Because it’s a silicone type of material and it’ black, it will attract dust & debris. However, washed away easily with soap & water.

xyzlicone infinity band

What I did like about the XYZlicone Infinity Band

  • Price. It is very affordable (less than $50) with Amazon Prime it’s even less expensive.
  • Comfort, durable and flexible. It is kind of like having a comfortable fitting rubber band around your finger.
  • Immediate contact from company when I sent an email about the size of the ring.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Ring is easy to clean, remove and can be worn for all occasions.
  • There is a “bonus” band (larger size) included. Which makes it very worth the price.
  • It’s 8mm. Similar to the standard wedding bands.
  • The edges are not rough, can should not be easily caught on objects and should not dig into or pinch the skin around it.

My husband & I are happy we decided to review this XYZlicone Infinity band. We are satisfied with this band as an alternative wedding ring.

Be aware of any swelling in your fingers and hands when purchasing this band. Consider your regular size and order one size larger. If you wear a 10 maybe order an 11. Even if that’s too big, the company is very easy to work with and there is that 30 day guarantee. This is simple, no frills alternative wedding band for people who enjoy & need simple, safe and no frills jewelry.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the XYZlicone Infinity Band complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.]



XYZlicone Infinity Band

XYZlicone Infinity Band

Overall Opinion of Product



    • Comfortable
    • Price, Affordable
    • 30 Day Guarantee


    • Picks up Dust & Debris
    • Rubber Band Feeling

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    • This sounds quite interesting Sassy . .. especially as I do like the feel of silicone. And especially also as I can possibly think of another use for rings like this!
      So you’ve got me intrigued now!!!
      Xxx – K

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