Happy Birthday to Me



Harley Davidson 1200
Anniversary Edition 1998

When my Birthday Weekend started I was kind of down, not sure how the days would end up. “Old Man” had been asking since last month what I wanted as a gift, but I could never think of anything. So, when I posted a few photos of a Harley on my Facebook page; a friend text me to let me know his friend was selling a 1998 Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Sportster for a real good price.

“Old Man” kept bugging me to get the information so we could go look at it. Hesitating, procrastinating until he woke me up at 11pm one night, I finally got the info, we went ASAP to go look at it. After he looked at it, rode it around the block “Old Man” got off the bike and shook the man’s hand “SOLD!” he said.

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“Happy Birthday Honey.”


YUP. “Old Man” bought it for me. Saturday afternoon “ManChild” went with him to load it on the truck (since it was like 30 degrees outside) and brought it home. “RING RING” my phone rang  “we are 5 miles out, get your gear on so you can ride it.” I jumped into some warm clothes, waiting on the stoop for them to arrive.

I was a bit fearful of riding it, oh hell, soon as I got on it, shifted, that “fuck you” attitude came back & I was gone. Was cold as the Ice Queen’s heart, but well worth the discomfort of cold fingers. Now, he can have the FatBoy back, we can now ride together just like the old days! Thank You to my Beloved Old Man for making me very very very happy this year of my life!

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