You got some ‘Splaining to do [Truthful Thursday #2]

If tomorrow you found out that you & your partner had just conceived a child, how would you react? How do you think it might change your relationship?

I would be in a panic! I would immediately look at my calendar. Counting dates, last menstrual cycle, the date I last had sex and with who. Not saying that it wouldn’t be my Beloved, but we all know shit happens and with my past record of risky behaviors anything it possible. Not likely, but still possible.

I remember when I did mention to my Beloved I was curious about sex with someone else, one of the very top criteria was that the man be “fixed.” I’m too old to ever humor the thought of having anymore children. Oh gawd…I don’t have the patience to bring another fucked up person in to the world. It’s bad enough my 3 kids had to suffer through my awful parenting skills.

If I found out I was having a baby, it would change the relationship to the point I don’t think we would stay married. Especially if I had cheated on him and got pregnant. That would be just reckless & inconsiderate & irresponsible on my part. Sure, I’m irresponsible BUT that’s at the far end of my extreme scale.

My Beloved & I have completely different child-raring views. Being an only child, I’m used to getting what I want, he comes from a family of 4 where each had to fight for their stuff or there wasn’t enough to go around. The one thing that we would agree on is that children and a child at this point in our life would be burdensome. It would be like an anchor drowning us completely in all aspects of our lives.

This is my second entry in my year all attempt to answer random questions truthfully on it’s posted on Thursday. If you would like to ask me a question for me to answer you can >HERE<

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