I got The Butters! [Product Review]

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== I got The Butters! [Product Review]I’m sure you’ve used water-based lube and realize that its sticky and clean up is a but of a pain in the ass. I was given the opportunity to test some new kind of lube-The Butters. It will remind you of softened butter when you put it on your skin. It’s homemade lubricant that can also be used for other things such as leather conditioner, makeup remover, hair & skin conditioner.

Jerome Stuart Nichols created an all natural lubricate. The Butters has all natural ingredients such as aloe shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed, olive oil, soybean oil, palm oil and some arrowroot along apple cider vinegar.

I was really impressed with The Butters. It came in a black plastic sealed jar. There is a lot of information on the label such as the ingredients, website info and importantly mentioned that this lube should not be used with latex.

What I liked about The Butters:

  • Is that is homemade. Made in the USA.
  • That was created out of a need.
  • It is available in 4 different sizes. From 4 ounces up to 48 ounces.
  • The price is perfect, less than $10. The Butters is very affordable.
  • I really like that when it comes to cleaning up there is not a lot of soap & water needed. The Butters seems to absorb into the skin without any problems. I hated using store-bought lube and when it gets wet it becomes slick and then turns sticky. With The Butters I don’t have to worry about that. I don’t have to worry a lot about cleaning up after sex if I don’t want to.
  • I also love the idea that if I don’t use it as a personal lube I can just as well use The Butters as a skin moisturizer, which I have. I used it on my rough cuticles and it softened them right up. I used it as a leather conditioner for a dried leather bracelet I had. It did darkened the leather just a bit, but that didn’t matter to me as much as it softened up the bracelet.
  • I have used it to remove my eye makeup once or twice. It felt soft on my eyes. It a few seconds to actually rub into my skin, which then felt very smooth and soft.
  • The Butters did give me a sensation of fiction when I used it with my hubby. I just added a little but more and had no issues after that.
  • It’s not runny, its creamy & doesn’t melt with body heat.

What I didn’t like about The Butters:

  • When I opened the jar for the first time there was a hint of something. I just couldn’t put my finger on the scent. It does have an odor of something. Not too bothersome though.
  • It does leave some oil stains marks, it just depends on what you get it on.
  • Since it is made from all natural in it can be eaten, but shouldn’t be. I did dip my finger in it and tasted it out of curiosity. It was not something I would make a habit of doing. It’s not gonna be to tasty when it gets in your mouth either on purpose or accident.


There isn’t a lot I don’t like about The Butters.  Even if you don’t use it as a personal lube, it’s really good as a skin moisturizer. It may take some to get used to the natural scent of this product, but the non-greasy feeling out weighs that.  I did wonder if there is a shelf-life to this product. According to the website it should last about 6 months and longer if kept refrigerated. I was not disappointed with this product and found reading about its creation interesting. I admire Jerome for creating The Butters our of a need. You can read his sex blog at Ltasex and you can choose to sponsor him at Patreon.

[Disclaimer: Received this product complimentary or at a discounted price for my testing purposes]

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