G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage [product review]

There are to many photos on my iPhone. A few of them I would like to make into prints to hang up and to give away to family & friends. However, I find myself always running out of storage on my iPhone and looking to delete some photos or some app because I need the space.

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I ordered this G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage in hopes that I can remove some extra photos from my iPhone. Transferring the files over to the memory stick was a little more difficult than I thought.

The instructions are included with the memory stick and were fairly simple to follow. You must download the I-Easy Drive app in order for the stick to work. This is one thing I don’t like about this product. Your phone will ask permission to communicate with I-Easy Drive. Once that is completed is when I became confused. You can open the I-Easy Drive app and there it will say how much space is on both items. You click on phone to see what files are there, but I don’t have any thing on my iPhone. This surprised because I don’t have much space left, so what’s taking up so much space.

Click on the photo option to transfer your iPhone photos to the memory stick. You can also transfer videos but I have yet to figure out how to transfer my music from my iPhone to the memory stick. The memory stick has several other features like being able to move/copy/delete files. I haven’t figure out how to do that. You are able to encrypt files , send files using some different apps. You can backup & restore the memory stick.

This memory stick can be used on an iPhone, android phone and has a USB connection. It works well with my laptop. It did free up some space my iPhone by allowing me to transfer some photos. I can take the memory stick and get prints made some where. It is small & convenient.

[Disclaimer: I received the product complimentary for reviewing purposes. The blog post may contain affiliate links]

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