Funk N’Roll [SS197]

 I’ve been slowly but surely cleaning my house from top to bottom. Recently I found my mother’s custom-made faux fur wrap hanging in a clothing bag in the basement. It’s from the late 60’s early 70’s and had a velvet-black dress to go with it. The dress is long gone, but the shawl remains. It give me a retro glam vibe so I used it along with my fuzzy boot covers.

Then I asked a favor of my “English Wanker.” I asked him to pick his favorite photo out of the set I call “Funk N’Roll.” This is the one he picked.

Funk N Roll

Let’s funk, let’s roll

Get it turned up, get it out of control

Getting to the rhythm is good for the soul” – Prince

He states about the above photo “ out of this world. Ur legs look amazing & U have a cheeky look on ur face.”


When Will I See You Again

 “U look so sensual.”  (Above Photo)

If I Ever See You Again

“…shows the fullness of ur beautiful breasts.” (Above Photo)

More, More, More

“ fantastic! BLOODY HELL. Another couple of stunning pics from you.” (Above Photo)

Just a note of THANKS to my addicted English Wanker, who was lost for a bit and has returned. Thanks for your help. Below are the full photos that I now use as random headers for my blog. If you like my photos and would like to support my photography hobby – Please – check out my Photography Wish List.

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