Friday Night Sipping [SS275]

I haven’t been going out much since April. Maybe once month or so,  going out to have a drink or 5 with a friend. 

The gossip in the bars that I drink at is as bad as an old ladies sewing circle. A few had to tell me about Charlie, but wouldn’t go into detail out of some sort of fear. Charlie is currently on the “banned” list of our bar. One too many fights, cops and crazy bullshit. I haven’t spoken with Charlie since mid-June when I ran into unexpectedly at our bar. We did not end on good terms.

Drinking there is different without Charlie. I feel naked & alone without him there.

I “dressed” up a little when I went out the past few nights. I wore my heels, shorts & tank top. I know that it gives some of Charlie’s friend something to talk about. 

I used my iPhone to take the photo. Edited with a retro filter, bokeh filter, grunge filter and finally a grain filter. 

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