Finish It! Gear. Women’s Ponytail Headband [Product Review]

I have been wearing my new Ponytail Headband when I head out to work and walking the dog. I received this at a discounted price to review from  Finish It! Gear.

Ponytail Headband Finish It! Gear.

I found that this headband is one of the best I have used. I have tried several different headbands over the winter seasons. Always end up disappointed with my purchase. This time it was worth it.

What I did not like about the Ponytail Headband:

  • That your ponytail can not be up too high because the headband will not fit properly. The headband won’t cover your ears all the way. The headband will move up on your head.
  • For me, even when my ponytail was lower the headband didn’t cover my ears as well as I expected, but on a cold day out walking the dog it’s better than nothing.

Ponytail Headband Finish It! Gear.

What I did like about the Ponytail Headband:

  • The headband is extra thick in the area that covers your ears.
  • The headband has a super soft fleece on the inside, very soft against my skin.
  • Made is the USA.
  • Easy care, just toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry. You can wash it by hand too.
  • It’s smaller in the front, like a sports band. It absorbs sweat.
  • It’s small enough to carry in your coat pocket.
  • Price. I think this is a reasonable price for comfort.

I really like this headband. I like wearing hats during the winter, but because my hair is so thick, hats don’t say on my head long. Other headbands would either be too wide in the back so I would have to fold it to make room for my ponytail. I would recommend this winter headgear to any of my friends that have long hair and enjoy being outside in the winter weather.

[Disclaimer: I received the Finish It! Gear Ponytail Headband at a discounted price for testing, reviewing purposes.]

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