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Finger Painting in the Dark [SS295]

Trying different settings on the camera ….. Black Light ….. a bulb & a tube. The fluorescent tube works better. Glitter, neon fluorescent paint and a balloon are a few of the props I used, trying to get something for this month’s Sinful Sunday prompt.

Oh and there is a filter on only one of the photos.

All that Glitters, doesn't always sparkle

Neon Green, Black Light, fluorescent paint

Black Light, fluorescent paint, sinful sunday

Pink Neon Balloon, sinful sunday, paint

Sinful Sunday




    1. Jaime
    2. Jo
    3. Mel
    4. Molly
      • Cat
    5. Bee
      • Cat
    6. Jeffro
      • Cat
    7. Curvaceous Dee
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