Fapping to My Photos and Stories [WW111]

You take a pic. You angle it for your best assets to show. You write a short piece. It’s hot sweaty sticky and delicious. You make these public, you share.

Do you care what the viewer or reader does with them? No. Not really. OK. I do care if my photos are downloaded without my permission or used publicly without my consent. If a man uses my photo to fap to, that’s cool with me. I’m flattered. BUT just ask me and I’ll “autograph” it and send them a copy. My stories are meant to be a turn on, just don’t share them without my permission.

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Having some fun in the hotel room. (July 2014)

Does it turn you on to know that you stimulate? HELL YES! Sure, I have some men that hint around with they do with my photos, but it’s more flattering to have confirmation that I am turning on men when I post my photos. I often wish that my viewers would get a little more involved with me and communicate a bit more. I have had a few men, efriends contact me behind the scenes to express appreciation for the photos, etc. Sometimes I wanna just give everything up and walk away. I have done that in the past. However, I am financially invested in this site more than I was the other blogs I had created.

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I’m waiting for you, my secret lover. (July 2014)

Do they ask you for permission bringing you into their pleasure? No. I have never heard from any of my viewers, admirers, readers asking for my permission, that would be ADDICTIVE, AROUSING, INTOXICATING for me. Very pleasing to me, indeed.

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I bought these while on vacation in Tifton Georgia at “Twice Selected” (July 2014)

Does it humiliate you to be reduced to their masturbation fodder, you a merely specimen of the species? No. I’m not humiliated knowing that someone is masturbating to my photos. Sure, at times it can be absolutely infuriating when some ask for more than their share.  I had one “the pilot” who wanted me to take photos when ever he demanded. That is a turn off for me. Don’t tell me forcibly unless we have that type of rapport. Mostly, I need to feel that I am getting something in return for my time. Nothing in life is free!

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Conversely, that picture, the light, the angles, something’s clicks. The words, the ideas, the movement of the story. Your body reacts. You save it for later. You know why. A private movement and moment.

[I would love to have an admirer purchase an easy to use diggie camera, maybe some suggestions on photos. Buy me some equipment so that I take better photos. Clothes, shoes are always welcome]

Do you value it less for it’s immediate function? No. I don’t like to delete them. I should because I have too many. That’s why sometimes I wish my viewers would contact me for some. I have looked into setting up a small estore here on my site to sell my extra photos, stories that are not public, selling my shoes. There is so much I want to explore, but now don’t have the time to look into it all. If anyone out there wants to do it for me, that would be great.

Is it art or literature when you masturbate over it? I do not masturbate to my own photos. Most of my erotic stories are based on my personal experiences. When I re-read them I miss the actions, the touch. My mind goes back to that time, I may get a tingle, but that’s about it.

My 805Muse asked me “when we get together, can I take video? Photos? Do you want a copy? So that you can relive the moment after you have returned home.” I found that to be an uncomfortable thought. Not video. No No. He can take all the photos he wants. Because that captures just a moment in time.

Are they human or porn in that moment of pleasure? My stories are both. Human because it’s me and porn because some one else is reading them, using it to fap off too (maybe).

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Do you read the words or stare intently at the picture, or use it just to get you going? I’m visual so it would have to be the photo. My photos do nothing for me, would have to be some one else’s photo.

Do you return to favourite pieces? My stories. Yes I do, to relive them, not to use them for masturbation material. My mind can go back to the original time & place. 

You can read some of my erotic stories about Nina & Jax. Read about my blow job experiences. View my some of personal photos.

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