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An Evening Walk through the Park

August through September is usually super hot & humid in Northern Illinois. So taking the dog for a walk is a chore, something we end up saying “it’s too hot or I’m too tired.” Poor Stinky Stella.

Yesterday it was a perfect evening. Low 70’s with a beautiful sunset. We took her to the park so she can run off leash. She’s a great “shelter” dog. Very well-behaved, feel for her and often wonder what kind of pathetic life she had before she came to her life of leisure here with us.

She’s 8 years old now.

 She has her moments when she gets full of energy. Tonight was one of those nights. I play “hide & seek” with her around the huge bushes and we play “can’t get me.” That’s what we were doing here when she’s running toward me.

I hate having a dog, but I love having a dog!



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