An Evening Walk through the Park

August through September is usually super hot & humid in Northern Illinois. So taking the dog for a walk is a chore, something we end up saying “it’s too hot or I’m too tired.” Poor Stinky Stella.

Yesterday it was a perfect evening. Low 70’s with a beautiful sunset. We took her to the park so she can run off leash. She’s a great “shelter” dog. Very well-behaved, feel for her and often wonder what kind of pathetic life she had before she came to her life of leisure here with us.

She’s 8 years old now.

 She has her moments when she gets full of energy. Tonight was one of those nights. I play “hide & seek” with her around the huge bushes and we play “can’t get me.” That’s what we were doing here when she’s running toward me.

I hate having a dog, but I love having a dog!




  • Enjoy that time with her, Cat. Her life, while shorter than yours, enriches your life. Your fortunate to have her❤️❤️❤️

  • She is a pretty dog and enjoy her while you can. I am looking at getting my autistic child one but I want a puppy because that way she can grow with it, instead of getting one who is older and something happens and it devastates her.

    • Oh true. Both our kids got dogs for their 10th birthdays. Dogs were in weddings, shared the spotlight with babies and moved to different states. One had cancer, lived to age 12 or 13. The other one is still alive almost 14 this coming March. It’s hard to lose a pet though, man it was tough. Hope you get a puppy that works out good for you & your child?

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