Personalized Hair Color Is Easy [Review]

Recently I signed up for BzzAgent, in which I would be receiving complementary products for my testing purposes and sharing my honest opinion of that product.

I was invited to test a personalized hair dye product from

Before I received this product, I was sent to their website where I asked a few questions about my hair along with submitting a current photo of my hair color. At the end of the questionnaire you can pick your color. The website will not allow you to get crazy with the colors. You can not pick anything that is too light for a dark-haired person. The color I picked was “darkest brown with gold.” However there isn’t any golden in it. My hair is dark appearing almost black.

Within days of filling out my personalized information, I had received my personalized hair color. Just in time before I returned to work, which was a huge plus for this product.

You can listen to my podcast as I color my hair. It’s like being there with me as I test out this product.

eSalon Coloring Tools

This is $20 eSalon item

Included with this offer I received a $60 credit and purchased the “coloring tools.” This included a bowl, timer, battery, hair dye brush and 4 clips. The “Coloring Tools” kits is a $20 item.

What I liked about this product:

  • Arrived quicker than expected.
  • Very easy to use instructions.
  • Personalized hair color based on the answers I provided on the website questionnaire.
  • No strong order of chemicals.
  • The extra items that were included. Such as two pair of tight-fitting latex gloves. Stain guard and stain remover.
  • The scent of the conditioner was pleasant.

What I do not like about this product:

  • Cost.  It was a bit pricy. It’s $19.95 for an application. That might not be a lot for some, but for those on a budget it is a bit much. Worth it if you have the extra cash.
  • I think when it comes to hair coloring, it’s a gamble on getting the exact color you want. My color was a bit darker than what I expected. Not sure what the “gold” in the mix was meant for. Still alright, it covered the gray hair.
  • I colored my hair on Monday night, the gray hairs are already noticeable. Not a lot of them, however along my face the gray is peeking through.

I did not have any issues with using the website. I did not have difficulties receiving the package. It arrived in a very timely manner. Impressive to me. I did tell a few of my co-workers about this website and the idea of personalized hair color. Some seem interested, others seemed too leery about ordering stuff online.

I forgot to take a “before” photo. However, I did have some photos posted here just a few days before the color treatment. The header photo at the top of the page was taken the morning prior to the treatment. There is really no difference, which is ok. I was more concerned with covering up the gray hair.

Would I recommend this product? Not sure. If you’re in a hurry, then it’s worth the drive to the store to get a box of hair dye. However, if you’re planning something special, such a wedding, class reunion or something of that nature, which you can wait for the dye to arrive and want something that works – I would say “yes.” However, I am wondering if some of the higher end hair dyes work just as well for a bit of a lower price. I know some home hair color treatments cost anywhere from $3.00 up to $15. I think it boils down to your budget allowance and time. I probably won’t be re-ordering any more, just because the extra money just isn’t there.

[I received this product complementary from BzzAgent & eSalon for testing purposes. This post is based on my personal experience. 100% my opinion.]

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