Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corsets With G-string [Review]

I ordered this corset almost 30 days ago on June 12, 2016. I received it 3 days ago. It came over from overseas, so don’t expect it to quickly arrive at your doorstep.

I have wanted a new corset for a while now, however I’m always hesitate to order online because of size issues and possible exchanges. It would be a headache to me to have to exchange a clothing item, so I try to avoid buying online altogether.

I decided to take a chance and buy a corset.

This first things I noticed about ordering an Emoli corest is the description is simple and kind of plain.

The sizing chart can be continuing to a first time corset buyer. I had to do some research on measuring myself for a corset. There is no clarification that sates the size chart has taken inches off the waist measurement numbers.

Example: Measuring my bust is 40 inches.

Which on their size chart is
Bust:96.5-101.5cm/38-40″ Waist:76-81.5cm/30-32″ Front Length:34cm/13.5″ Back Length:30cm/12″

My question is where did the measurements come from in the waist section? Because my waist measurement is a few inches more than 30-32 inches. Did the company already subtract the recommended inches? I read that +38 inches in the waist so subtract 7-10 inches. Is that what the company did to arrive at 30-32 inches? I think that should be clarified in the description.

Also I noticed right away there is no mention of 100% guarantee if not satisfied with their product. There is no suggestion of return or exchange policies.

The corset arrived in a white plastic bag. Inside the corset & G-string are neatly folded inside another sealed clear plastic bag.


What I didn’t like about the Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corset:

  • The corset can be difficult to secure in the front. Sometimes the hooks in the front come undone when trying to secure the remaining hooks.
  • This corset didn’t seem to fit quite right. The bottom half “puffed” out in the front. I know I have a bit of a belly but it stuck out even when I was standing up. I tried several times to tighten it in the back so that the corset wouldn’t stick out at the bottom but it didn’t work.
  • I really hated that the bust part of the corset became weak and folded under my breasts. When I took off the corset, it was “permanently” folded and bent under the breasts.
  • I wouldn’t pay the $31 for this corset. I would shop for something of a higher quality.


What I did like about the Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corset:

  • Was that the corset was neatly folded.
  • The corset is red with a G-string included.
  • The ribbon was already laced up on the back side of the corset.
  • This corset comes in four different colors to choose from.

This corset must be hand washed. The color of the corset seems to “dull” after washing. The ribbon around the edges of the corset was securely sewn on to the corset. It is a nice corset, nothing that you would wear outside the bedroom.


[DISCLAIMER: This blog post may contain affiliate links. My reviews are based on my personal opinions & experiences. My reviews are never influenced by a discounted or complimentary price of the product.]

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