Education [smutober]

I didn’t take my education seriously. I couldn’t stand sitting there at my desk listening to Sister Mary Josephine talk about world history or talk about Economics, ugh it was so boring. I also think it was my ADHD that was undiagnosed.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom and meet my friends in the wooded area the was between the school and our neighborhood.  Wearing a catholic school girl uniform always seemed to invite those bad boys of the neighborhood and it worked well for getting me out of trouble with the cops. I remember a time when I would hang out in that wooded area with some other kids from my ‘hood. Those boys didn’t go to school with me, they went to public school.gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Education [smutober]

There was a lot to learn about life during those years I should have paid better attention to my education than drinking, smoking, setting fires and fucking. Yeah, I was (am) a wild child. I wasn’t in the mood to go to class, so I skipped and headed for the woods.

A few neighborhood kids, including myself turned a few of the wooded areas into our version of “Sherwood Forest.” We had a few old coolers, old blankets and we gathered up sticks for small fires. I was going to hang out there for a while. I came upon the spot and I seen Glenn & Tim there. They live a few blocks from me, but we don’t go to school together. The Glenn was sitting on the cooler & Tim was on ground smoking his cigarette.

So what do ya wanna do? I asked while grabbing Tim’s cig out of his hand.

Tim was halfway laying on the blanket on the ground as I looked down he was trying to look up my uniform skirt. I laughed, because I wasn’t wearing any panties.

Tim? You wanna see my pussy up close?!

He laid down and I stood over his face with my legs wide apart. I was looking at Glenn sitting there with an awful look on his face. I could see the bulge in his jeans starting to grow. I smiled. I felt Tim’s hand on my ankle and then the other gently touching my pussy lips. His finger played around with my lips, separating them and then pushing one inside of me. Glenn stood up and moved the cooler in front of me, unzipping his pants and sitting back down. Glenn pulls out his semi-hard cock and starts to stroke it.

Meanwhile Tim is fingering me and I am getting weak in the knees. I wasn’t sure if I had an orgasm because I wasn’t fully aware of how my body worked. I do know that what Tim was doing felt really good. And when he took his fingers out of me I could feel my wetness. Glenn stops stroking his cock and reaches for my white button down blouse. He pulls at it, starts pawing at my breast. My tit were so small back then. “I wanna see your boobs. Can I see them? I wanna see them.” I unbutton the first few buttons of my blouse and pull up my bra. My nipples are hard and pointy, he reaches for them and pinches one. “OUCH!”

“OH…SORRY! I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s ok, just be gentle.”

While Glenn played with my tits, Tim had unzipped his pants as well and was jerking himself off while he laid there looking up my skirt. Glenn was stroking his hard cock faster now, while he squeezed my tit. Tim also continued to jerk himself off while he laid there under me. He had stopped being with me so I begin rubbing my clit as I watched Glenn jerk out. I heard a soft moan come from Glenn and watched him come on himself.

Before Tim or I could finish we were surprised by more friends and classmates who were wanting to smoke and hang out. We were kind of busted when they noticed the two boys half-dressed not to mention Glenn had spewed his sweet sticky jizz on himself and he was trying to clean it up. I was fully clothed. Tim had his pants down to his knees.

We had a good laugh about all of it while we were passing around the joint.



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