Eat It [TMI Tuesday 11/5/13]

1. If your sandwich is cut in half on the diagonal, creating two triangles do you bite the hypotenuse or the point? I always bite the points, the edges and tend to work my way inward. If I’m stick with too much in the middle I tend not to eat it or will pick stuff out.


2. Dipping a tortilla chip– do you dip the tip or the side of the chip to scoop the dip? I will dip the tip of the chip, then turn to get the sides. I don’t double dip UNLESS it’s my home & my food.

3. Do you think you drink too much coffee? How much do you drink daily? What is a “cup” of coffee to you–how many ounces/grams? No, not coffee, but too much Mt. Dew. I no longer have a coffee maker otherwise I would probably start drinking more coffee due to the cold weather. 

4. Do you take cream in your tea? no not in my tea. in my coffee yes, I do. I use two-3 creams. How many sugars? for tea, 2 teaspoons and coffee about 3-4 sugar packets.


5. How do you eat a burrito? I do not normally eat those, but if I make them myself. I will lightly fold the bottom of the burrito with my index finger holding it there so that the stuff doesn’t explode out of the bottom.  I squeeze the burrito’s insides up or down like a tube of tooth paste to level out the amount of stuffing so it allows for even food distribution. 
a. Pick it up with your hands, bite into an end.
b. Cut it in half, then pick up one half and eat it…again when I am at home.
c. Eat it with a fork and knife..if its very hot & i’m at home.
d. Open the tortilla, eat the food inside and eat the tortilla last.
e. Other

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Eat It [TMI Tuesday 11/5/13]6. Pizza…How do you eat a slice?
a. Pick it up and eat it as an open slice.
b. Pick it up and fold it together, then bite into it…ewww I hate that. 
c. Leave it on the plate and eat with a fork and knife.
e. I eat the crust first, then the rest of the slice.

…Why do you eat your pizza like that? because it’s the way i do, if it’s a stuffed pizza then i use a knife & fork.

What is the weirdest thing that you are into? like food? cause I can share some really weird stuff not about food *wink wink nudge nudge*

Bonus, bonus:
Do you care if your different foods, on a plate, touch each other? Yes!?! What’s that all about? NO NO..some foods can not touch. I don’t like runny foods touching my bread or mixing in with other food. Like if i had cole slaw that was a bit runny touching my mashed potatoes or biscuit. I wouldn’t like that at all. lol

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Happy TMI Tuesday!



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