Driving [AtoZChallenge]

I love to drive. I will drive anything with wheels. I’ve always loved to drive, since I was a little girl.D

I wanted to drive semi’s when I was little. But my father said that women did not do that type of work. He also said never to marry a truck driver because he wouldn’t be home every night.

I’ve driven “big” vehicles since 1990. Buses (school & public), box trucks, motorcycles. I love a long road trip with my playlists, some food and an open road. Perfect way to clear the cobwebs from my head. I wish I could find the perfect job where I just have to drive, but not have to deal with people or packages.

There is something about driving my car where ever I go. I’m the one who will drive my friends instead of them driving me. I feel that I can leave when I want to; I’m in control. I’m not dependent on someone for transportation or not stuck in a place I don’t want to be. I love my car. I love my work vehicle. I know the sounds each one makes, how the pedals feel under my feet. I think it is about being in control. I’m in control of the steering wheel (and the radio).


  • I love driving too, but I prefer an average sized car to anything else. I cannot drive anything bigger, but I used to have a scooter too when I was younger 🙂

  • Never thought of wanting behind the wheel was a control thing, but I suppose it is. Yes, I can imagine you love to drive, because I like to drive myself. It clears your mind if the only thing you have to do is just keeping your eyes on the road…

    Always dreamt of driving a big bus, but that will remain a dream, I think…

    Great post,

  • I like anything mechanical, and I like taking road trips, especially in California with my Lady. For preference it’s got to be a sports car, and for real preference it would be a sports car I’d either built or restored.
    You know what? You are one very cool woman. Kudos.
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    • Why thank you very much. I’m glad you think i’m cool. I really don’t care what type of car. as long as it has a radio and windows to roll down 🙂

  • I’ve always loved driving too. And yes, I think it is a control issue many times. But I love being on the open road all by myself. I moved to Ecuador and don’t have a car anymore. Driving here is much scarier than New York driving, but I’m learning that walking clears my head too. I just can’t listen to a play list while walking. I’m afraid that wouldn’t be safe. I hope you’re enjoying the A to Z!

  • oops, sorry, wrong link on that last post, but maybe you will enjoy the sloth viseo too!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett
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