Dressed for Drinks [BFMH2016]

Today is my friends birthday. She text me early wanting to know if I wanted to meet her for drinks. I suddenly feel that I can not meet her sober. Her personality is one that is so bubbly that it is difficult for me to understand. I want to frontload before I meet with her.

I text Charlie to find out if he was at the bar. Why? So that I could stop by for those first few drinks to loosen up. He answered very quickly. Which I hadn’t heard from him since that night I made him a tad jealous. I figured he was still upset with me.

He said he was at his ma’s watching movies. I had to laugh. He really expected me to believe that bullshit he was spewing at me?! Since he is a drunk, he’s been recently evicted from the home he was squatting in. He told me he is at his mothers. She no longer likes me. Why? Because I have no filter when it comes to saying what I think. It just falls out of my mouth, even without alcohol in my system.

He said he was suffering from cabin fever and would be out tomorrow night. Charlie asked me if I wanted to meet him at a different bar while he plays a makeup game of darts. Well, tomorrow is Sunday. I return to work on Monday. I told him to remind me about his game tomorrow night. He said he would. I highly doubt he will.

Tonight I figured that he is not at his mother’s at all, but is with his flavor of the week. He must play the game if he wishes to continue depending on others for the things he needs. I do admire one thing about Charlie. It’s the fact he will not bring his girls out with him to the bars. He will acknowledge everyone he knows, even if it is one of his girls but they will not be asked to sit at his table.drinks at the bar

However, I get to sit with him in the corner, like Baby. LOL. I probably should be angry or hurt by all of this. But I’m not. I just hate it when he lies to me about stupid shit like this. It’s bullshit like this that would cause my issues to kick in to fast gear. If Charlie & I were dating its this behavior that I would go drive by his mother’s to see if I could see him, to verify that he is there. Deep in my gut I would know that he’s not there, that he would be out whoring around. This is why I’m not dating him, seeing him on the side. I just enjoy his attention, the foreplay and sexual tension we have that we know we can’t act on. I think we both miss the old days of our crazy sexual adventures. We no longer chase that sexual high we once shared.

I don’t want to drink a lot tonight. I’m already bored and haven’t even left the house. I know the bar we are meeting at, it’s quiet and tucked off the main road. Nothing exciting happens there. I don’t get the same feeling with her that I do with him. I like not having to be “on” when I’m with him. Because he does it for both of us, verses my girlfriend where I have to be “on.” I’m the one who makes everyone laugh, the showoff, the spark. But when I’m with Charlie I don’t have to.

Well, I’m ready to go.

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