Down Under [FPF18/12][MM180]

Friday was Mr. Sam’s dad’s memorial service. It was also the morning of our first winter snow blizzard. I had recently ordered “More Than Two A practical guide to ethical polyamory.” 

I am so excited to read this book, because I’m looking to make a change in my lifestyle. To stop hiding in the shadows about loving two men. Loving my primary, my husband My Beloved and my other husband Mr. Sam.

When we went back to the house, I went to Sam’s room and started reading. Between visiting with his family and checking in on me, I was content to being alone and reading.

He looked at me reading and said “take off your pants & panties.”

“I’m reading! Besides your family is downstairs!”

“SO!!! Just take them off and keep reading your book. You’re entertaining yourself and I wanna entertain myself.”

He went back down stairs to check on his family while I remained up stairs. I took off my pants & panties and climbed under the blankets. He walked into the room, pulled back the blankets to see I was naked from the waist down. He crawled in between my legs. I stared at him, he says “continue reading your book, you won’t be bothering me!” I just stared at him as I watch his tongue touch my clit, gently. I gasped. “READ!” He commands. I begin to focus on the words, when I feel his tongue move back & forth against my clit. I feel my body tighten as his tongue explores every inch of my pussy. He starts out slowly and then moves faster & faster across my clit. I reach a climax. He pulls away from me. I take a deep breath. He starts again, gently touching my clit with his tongue, moving across my clit up & down then back & forth. He learned that the right side of my clit is more sensitive and gets me going quicker than any other area between my legs.



“SAM! SAM!” We hear a voice from behind the door.

“YEAHHHHH!? Just a minute.”

Sam gets up from the bed, trying to wipe his mouth before opening the bedroom door. He knew that his brother was waiting so he only did a quick wipe. He is gone for a few minutes, comes back in the room. “I was talking to John Henry and he motions that I have something on my face. I thought I had gotten you off my chin, but I guess not. Because I had a streak of your juices still on my face. I didn’t feel it, but John Henry sure did see it!”

“OMG! are you serious!?” I ask.

Sam starts laughing, “Yes I am!” Sam told me that everyone had left so that house was now free of visitors. “How is the book so far?” He asks as he assume the position between my legs. He starts the process again, gently touching my clit with his tongue. He explores me with his tongue. Picking up speed with his tongue, I climax again. He stops “get up, I have an idea.”

He got my position pillow 

He propped it under my ass. “Get comfortable so you can read your book, cause I’m getting comfortable.” He also got the vibrator wand. 

I wasn’t comfortable to read because my ass in the air and I’m holding the book over my face trying to read. He knew all along I wouldn’t be able to read once he got started. He licked my clit, sucked it and I felt the vibration of the wand against me. This wand is touch activated so it stops when it’s not against my skin. He uses it to massage me all over. Back up to the right side of my clit, this is the sensitive side. The side of my clit that will get me going every time. He moves the wand across my clit and I don’t even feel it until I feel the wetness on my inner thighs. I haven’t been one to squirt until the past few years. Sam has really pushed my body to do things it’s never experienced until now. He didn’t stop with his tongue, the wand and sometimes his fingers. He would push his fingers into my wet pussy, sometimes even my ass. My body was bucking, squirming and my mouth was dry. The pillow was soaked, I was drained. Laying there in the afterglow, Sam gets up to have a smoke. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

I was dozing off just laying there in my wetness. He finishes his cigarette and grabs the wand again. He starts over again.  Slowly, gently and picking up pace. My clit is almost numb, I feel his fingers inside me again. It feels so good, I close my eyes and just enjoy every sensation. I can feel myself reaching the plateau, “don’t stop! don’t stop!” I cry out. My body tightens and I cover my face with a pillow. I reach my orgasm, crying out as if I was in pain. “Yeah babe, let go! Let go!” I hear him say as I feel sprinkles of wetness on my inner thighs. I came over and over. Sam had pushed my body to an all time new level. Will Sam be able to top this moment in our sex life?


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