Don’t Hang Up [WW284]

I remember talking on the phone when I was younger, party lines and getting all the gossip. I still remember my phone number when I was growing up, to the one I had when I moved out. I remember the crank phone calls.

Back in the 80’s I met a guy in a bar, told him my name. He didn’t ask for my phone number, I didn’t think much about it. Until I got home, fast asleep and after the bars closed my phone rings. latina sexblogger, telephone, pinup

Hey, is Cat there? I hear in a drunken slurred voice.

Yes, that’s me. Who is this?

Whew. This is Frank. We were talking at the bar.

Oh yeah, I remember you.”

Do you know how many phone calls I made before I finally got the right number?!

Good grief, this guy went through the phone book under my last name calling the different phone numbers until he finally reached me. At the time I was flattered, until I learned of the real reason he went through all that trouble. Rumor has it that I had given his friend a phenomenal blowjob in his car and had him watch me in his rearview mirror. This guy, Gary told his group of guy friends. And Frank wanted to find out exactly how phenomenal my blowjobs really were. We talked long hours on the phone, usually one of us passed out with the phone still in our hand. Frank & I went out for a few years. I had his phone number still in my address book until about 5-6 years ago when he moved out of state.

Getting my cell phone took everything to the next level.

Using my cell phone to take sexy photos, to sexting to an occasion phone sex conversation. I received a phone call from my Shoe Papi, he had sent me a few pair of high heels, but he could always make me horny when he talked to me on the phone. I was driving, pulled into the library parking lot to talk to him. He & I had a 15 minute phone sex conversation in which I masturbated in the driver’s seat of my car talking to him. He has been the only one who could get me to do such things while we were on the phone talking. I would masturbate with my dildos, once a high heel that he had jerked off in and sent to me.

He still texts me every so often to ask how I’m doing. Sometimes he brings up the time I masturbated in the parking lot. Most times he sends me photos of high heels and sex.


latina sexblogger, telephone, pinupRecently there is one gentleman who always knows how to put a smile on my face and that is by sending me photos of himself jerking off to my photos. He’ll send me videos of himself masturbating and I can be doing my grocery shopping and I will get his images on my cell phone. Immediately a huge smile appears on my face and I feel excited, turned on and naughty. I enjoy a good dick picture when the photo isn’t trying to impress me. This gentleman does it all naturally and I do enjoy looking at his photos on my cell phone.

And now my smart phone is used for taking sexy photos of myself, sharing those photos on social media. My phone is used for communication with Mr. Sam and My Beloved. I talk to Mr. Sam pretty much all via text on my phone. My Beloved doesn’t like to text too often and he doesn’t like to text at work unless its important. I do share a few nude shots of myself to only three men. The gentleman I mentioned above and Mr. Sam & My Beloved, otherwise I don’t sext or do any hardcore sex stuff on my phone.

I’ve used my smart phone to record my podcasts, write blog posts, take concert photos, edit photos. Listen to music and to shop. I have become addicted to online shopping via my smart phone.

There was a time I tried doing the Sex Phone Operator gig. I couldn’t do it. I can talk sex with someone I have already been with but not a stranger who just called to pretend to have sex with. I wonder if there is a lot of money in working as a PSO. I think its like anything else, a person can get their regulars. But if you can’t find some regulars? A part of me also thought the PSO gig was silly. There were a few times when I ended up laughing because I just couldn’t take what was being said seriously.

I know I could do the phone sex with someone I know, someone I am comfortable with. I know I wouldn’t do it for free either!

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