Day 4 – Sassy’s 12 Days of Sexmas

My manchild caught me trying to take photos of a gift I received from @5150silverback a while back. The super long strong sex stimulator blue glass dotted dildo by WowLife. I thought “this is a really pretty blue glass and should make some cool photos.”

So he asked “OMG MOM what are you doing?!” I told him I got it as a gift. “Has it been used yet?” I lied and said “no.” But I HAD to try it once or twice or every day for a week. I cleaned it good.

He looked at it “don’t let A (his gf) see this, she laughs and ask why is that so small!!!”

“You do know it looks like a candle!”

I say with a chuckle in my voice “Yeah it does!”

Day 4 Sassy's 12 days of Sexmas, blue dotted glass dildo, sassycat3000, sexblogger, latinaSassy's 12 Days of Sexmas 2016

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