Cover Girl + Olay [Review]

I just tried the Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect firming makeup. In addition to that product I also received CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer Eye Concealer. I received these products complimentary from BzzAgent for testing purposes. These products are distributed by Procter & Gamble.

The Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect firming makeup  is advertised to provide a “luxurious  and flawless coverage with the powerful hydrating effects of a night cream.” It’s suppose to “plump & lift.”


What I did NOT like about CoverGirl + Olay FaceLift Effect:

  • I didn’t like the smell of the product when I opened and applied it. Not sure if that’s due to the chemicals that are used to provide the “plump & lift” effect.
  • The medium 350 shade seems to be too light for my skin.
  • After applying I felt like there was a thick and sticky layer on my face. Even after an hour, there was a sticky, heavy feeling on my face.
  • I did not like the way it felt on my skin. I did not notice any major difference. I did notice that the CoverGirl + Olay Facelift makeup lighten my skin, providing coverage of some dark spots.

What I did like about CoverGirl + Olay FaceLift Effect:

  • Even though I did not the sticky, heavy feeling it left on my face, it did provide coverage for my face. It did not cover all my dark spots, they seemed lighter, more even.
  • The price is reasonable at approximately $14.99.


I also used CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer eye concealer. This product advertises to “tackle puffiness & dark circles” underneath your eyes. Using “Olay rejuvenating serum plus cucumber extract soothes puffiness under the eye, while a unique cooling metal-tip applicator massages on concealer as it glides over under eye area.”

What I did NOT like about the CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer:

  • The De-Puffer eye concealer made no difference in hiding my dark circles under my eyes.
  • I didn’t notice a reduction in any puffiness.
  • According to the directions I was to apply the concealer with the applicator tip for 30 seconds. I can only think that the cool metal tip is supposed to aid with swelling. There is no way that the way would be applied evenly with that metal applicator tip. You will have to use your fingertip to rub in the remaining makeup.
  • After a while the makeup settles into the wrinkles underneath the eye. Which I did not like at all. Maybe I used too much.
  • The price is a bit much for this product. Approximately $10.99

What I did like about the CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer:

  • The design of the product. It’s a tube, just squeeze the tube & apply.
  • The metal tip adds to the unique design and is intended to assist in reducing the puffiness, by adding a cool sensation to the skin.

Would I recommend this product by Cover Girl + Olay Face Lift and De-Puffer? No. I have no intention on purchasing either Cover Girl + Olay Facelift Effect firming makeup or  CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer. I was not satisfied with other of these products.




[I received both products complimentary from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion & review. Some of the quotes are taken from under the products listed above.]

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