Recently during my Thanksgiving Holidays I got a phone call from a very close cousin. She is like the older sister I never had. Besides inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner she told me that she had suffered a stroke the week before. She hadn’t called any family members yet because she was waiting for the final word from the doctors. She told me that she had been sick with a chest cold for a few days before this occurred. She went on to tell me that she had taken Theraflu, Nyquil and another cold relief medication.

She had no previous signs of High Blood Pressure (HBP), however the doctors informed her that due to the combination of those cold relief medications evaluated her blood pressure resulting in the stroke. She is recovering slowly, speech therapy along with physical therapy of her right side. She & I are both left handed!

I never knew that those types of cold medications can cause an evaluation in BP. Common sense tells us take every thing in moderation, most important is to follow the instructions. When in doubt about over-the-counter medications ask the pharmacist or call your doctor.

I have had HBP for over a year now, finally accepted the fact I need medication to keep it in check. Most of the time it still is a bit over. However, it’s due to another medication that I need to take. The added crap I take in to my body probably doesn’t help. I didn’t call my doctor when I took this, however I only took one pill instead of the recommended two. I waited to see how I felt before I took a second pill. Basically it’s two main ingredients of an Antihistamine and pain reliever – Acetaminophen (that everyone knows as Tylenol).  There is a 75 mg difference of acetaminophen. The standard acetaminophen pill has 250 mg and Coricidin contains 325 mg.  I noticed a sleepy sensation, drowsiness. I knew that was a result of the antihistamine, I could still function just not 100%. This gave me just enough to doze off for my body to get some rest. After reading up on all the information about this medication, over-the-counter stuff and HBP a person must be aware of all the risks. A person should know their body, what works and what doesn’t.



You can read more about the product at their website – There you can even take some Blood Pressure quizzes or assess your HBP risks

Coricidin HBP is made in Germany but is distributed by MSD Consumer Care Inc. in Tennessee and a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Something different I read on the side panel of the package that I had not seen on other OTC medications. A “warning” to parents about teen medicine abuse with a website URL. Nice touch. Not sure how many parents would do their homework, but it’s nice having that piece of information there – just in case.

The price for a box of 10 pills will run about $4.00 to $5.00. Not sure I would use this when I am really sick with the flu or bad cough. I took it when I had the onset of a cold. By the 2nd day I was pretty much over it. I mentioned before that it was just enough to allow me to get some rest during the day for my body to fight off the cold.

I still recommend reading all the information, talking to your doctor or pharmacist about any medication that you are not familiar with.


I received the above sample product from complimentary for testing purposes. #GotItFree

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