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What others have to say…..

I think you’re a butthead! No really. Ok I’m kidding. You’re super-duper sweets. Love ya! 🙂” – Matt

“I think you are cool. I like how you use different media to speak about a variety of topics. You have inspired me to blog and let me know I am not alone in my thoughts about life. From children, to friends, family, fashion, relationships photography, and motorcycles you do it all. With swag, class, individuality, and sensuality you are unrivaled. Just an appreciative twitter follower.” – “appreciative twitter follower

The highlight of my day! Visiting this website. blog gave me so much joy. It full of fun things to make you smile. Cat is superb in every way. Always smiling and willing to share her life openly. That is courage alone. The design is wonderful and enhance all that is in the site. All articles are very well written and filled with such passion and fun. Love all the images that provide the visitor an idea of Cats personality. Veery open in all she does. What yo see is what you get. Consistent in every way throughout. Loved the visit and I wish there could be more like this. Incredible view into a ladies life through her blog. This blog or website is well worth a visit. One of the very best of this type I have visited. THANK YOU CAT! FROM AUSTRALIA ” – Wink and Blink Photography

Thanks for the Uncut story. I loved it. I’ve never played with an uncut penis, but if I ever meet one, I’ll know what to do now. It was such a vivid story, it’s like I could see you and I even learned some new things to try for my regular blowjobs. I love learning new way to please guys with my mouth. I love even more practicing every chance a I get on someone’s cock 😉 I guess there are some more blowjob stories on your site that I’ve got to read. Please keep the blowjob stories…coming.”  – N

“I read all your other blowjob articles, wow, that was hot stuff! And very inspirational and helpful I must say! It definetly got me in the mood to give some oral. Sounds like you had lots of cock sucking fun in your wild days. I’m sort of in a second wild phase right now. My first was when I just started giving blowjobs, I had just turned 14 and my life was a mess. Giving guys head was like therapy for me, lol. Sounds crazy I know, but as my sister said, there are worse ways to deal with issues than making guys cum in your mouth and swallowing cum every day, or more than once every day in my case 😉
And your articles also gave me some fun ideas to try out.” – N

“Wow Cat! When I clicked on Blowjob in a Cemetery, I was expecting a hot story. Little did I know I’d end up seeing even hotter pics of you sucking a tasty cock! Is this the first time you post pics of yourself giving a blowjob? Thank you for the lovely pics!

The first thing that crossed my mind was, what a wonderful contradiction. Semen, the juice of life as my sister calls it, in a cemetery. The first life-affirming reaction, an ejaculation, in your mouth in a cemetery. How frustrating that it didn’t happen. 

The first time I couldn’t finish a blowjob in my early teens a was so frustrated I swore I would never let something or someone get in the way again of me getting a guy off in my mouth, lol. Which led to funny situations like getting caught by a boy’s mom or a boy’s sister with his cock in my mouth and I just kept going, smiling.

Anyways, thanks again for a very inspiring post. My sexual project now: giving a guy a blowjob in a cemetery…till he finishes. 😉 – S