Coming Home

This morning I woke earlier than I normally do. I looked at my phone to see the time and there was a text from him…”Got a place for me there? I am gonna transfer companies and move back home.”

I felt my stomach tied into a knot of anxiety. I asked him “do you think its a good idea to leave there after all these yrs? Why now?”

He replied with “why not?” I asked about his girlfriend and he replied “nothin’ I can’t walk away from.”
I just told him that maybe it wasn’t a good idea, a rash decision. I question his motive for wanting to pack up his life from there and move here, back home. It’s been over 25 years since he’s been here. He has one sister here and a few other relatives. I just kept asking “why?” and he would answer me with “because I can.” I wanted him back in my life, because I was realized that he was still holding a piece of my heart and with him in my life, I had my heart complete. Tho, he’s safely at a distance,  if he moves back here…then what?

I don’t want him to regret his decision. I know he has questions that need answers. I know that he is hurting from the loss he has experienced. I hear the restlessness in him, he left home so ago….isn’t there a quote that says something about “you can never go back home.”


  • You can never go home, because, even if the names and faces are the same, the people aren’t, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

    For years I wanted to take my new wife and kids and move back to familiar territory with cheaper houses, longer winters, and better skiing. But then, and thank goodness, I ran into an old friend and we went to dinner. We talked for two hours and i realized that I no longer knew him. His life had changed him as much as mine had changed me. I could have moved home, but I didn’t want to repeat that dinner over and over again, trying to connect with old friends who were now just old strangers.

    You can never go home, because home isn’t there anymore.

    Good luck

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