When it Comes to Him…[WW114]

There is NO doubt.

I doubt a lot of things in my life. Stems from lack of trust from my childhood. However, in the photo below is one person I never doubt. I doubt what most people say. I doubt I will ever find a full-time job that I love & enjoy. I doubt if I will ever speak to my father again before his death. I doubt I will get any of his belongings afterwards. I doubt if I will ever meet my goals I’ve set for myself in the blogosphere. I doubt myself in my appearance, acceptance of others and intelligence (not all the time, I have my down moments).

When it comes to him…I have NO doubt.


I don’t doubt his abilities to protect me, to provide financially nor do I doubt his integrity.  I know he gives in to my tantrums at times, yet if he was to say “enough” I would not doubt his correction. He has never given me reason to doubt him. He is my match in all the important ways. He has the qualities that are prefect for me. I’m just a brat most of the time, he deals with that mood in a very understanding way.  However, I wish he could say the same for me. Oh, guilt & shame enters the soul & spirit. Some of my character traits are somewhat shady & questionable. I’m not sure if he doubts my part in our marriage, however he does knows I won’t leave “us” willingly, not without a fight. Besides all my stuff is here.

He’s my world. He is the owner of this playful little kitty.

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