Come Out & Play [fpf16]

Recently I signed up with as an affiliate. I was given a few products to  review. This was one of them; the TLC Eve’s Strap-on Harness Kit.

My very first strap-on. Personally I don’t think it’s gonna pound “Charlie’s” ass like I’m hoping it will. My Beloved is not in to this sort of sex. However he did say that “Charlie” would be the only man I could use this on.

I’ve known for a while that Charlie is bisexual. He wishes this to remain his secret and I respect that. I really wanna watch this dildo slide in & out of his ass. I wanna slap his butt cheeks, tell him how much I’m enjoying fucking his hole.

I wanna stroke his cock while I pound him hard. But what would be a huge turn on would be if he came while I was fucking him. This would complete my fantasy. Strangely I really have no desire to use this on a womanTLC Eve's Harness Strap-On Kit


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