How I Spent my Christmas Holiday

Sorry that I have not been around or posting any updated posts. I feel like I have fallen off the radar since I have left on Christmas holiday. I think next year I will be just take the Christmas break completely off.

A Boy & his DogSpending quality time with the Manchild has been my focus along with going to visit my mother-in-law. Trying to convince the Manchild to move back to corn country isn’t going as well as I thought it. I thought he would be more open & accepting to this idea. But he is more concerned with how others will view him upon his return home. Everyone can understand that, however we continually explain to him that he is NOT a failure if he were to return home. He is merely starting over in his life, moving in a different direction with the love & support of his family. Here in Texas he has no support, works at a pace that would eventually kill a horse. SUre he’s young, yet he needs to move in a direction that he won’t get himself stuck. Thank goodness he doesn’t have the responsibility of a family, that would surely drain him of the young life he has now.

I realize being away from home is ok, with a place that I can curl up away from others to re energize myself. His apartment is like staying in a studio apartment with 4 adults. It’s too cramped and one can not fart in the bathroom without everyone else hearing it outside. Plus there is Ginger, poor girl is getting old. She doesn’t bark anymore, I think her hearing & vision is getting bad. She will turn 12 in March and I will NOT be able to drive down here to help the Manchild cope with her loss.

There has been no time to take photos for my blog, even though I did try. I am so bloated, overweight and exhausted that I don’t feel sexy, attractive or desirable in the slightest. I believe that one must feel good about self in order take good photos. Being under the weather doesn’t help either. I have been suffering with sinus issues for the 4 day now. The weather is warm to wet to cold, toss my allergies to dogs, dust and a low immune system from being exhausted and I am a breeding ground for sinus infection and colds. UGH. The sleep schedule is upside here, it’s sleep all day up all night due to the Manchild works 3 shift. a Boy & his Dog

We traveled to Houston to visit the mother-in-law. It’s been two years since she last drove up to Illinois to stay with us for a season. I told my beloved that he had to attempt to make amends with his family while we were visiting. Too no avail. He decided not to say goodbye to his sister, I told him that she might not live another year, his response was that of “I want to remember my sister the way she was, not the way she is and I don’t feel like crying anymore.” Knowing that one must let go of an alcoholic is painful experience. Knowing there is nothing more that anyone can do for them, why is it that family members can watch another slowly die of cancer yet can not do it for an alcoholic?

I realize that it’s once again fun for me to travel, before I hated it so much. I traveled so much when I was younger that it ruined for me as I grew older. It’s like camping. We stayed at a wonderful Comfort Inn in Spring, Texas. The front desk clerk wasn’t gonna let us check in at 9:30 am but we looked exhausted and she gave us my reserved room. It was perfect for some great sex photos, but like I said. I just wasn’t feeling it at the time we were there. Dammit! It was great for a shower scene and quickie. A quickie before we met up with the MIL. It’s like I had to “shut off” that part of me while being down here. However for the time that we were alone in that spacious hotel room I had to take advantage of that moment.

I am kind of looking forward to driving home, to sleep in my own bed. Showering in my own bathroom, using my own stuff. I’m sure the Manchild will feel the same way. The drive will be a long drive home, because my mother wants to stop at a few Goodwill stores along the way. Along with Redmon’s gift store in Missouri. Redmon’s is the “largest candy & gift store.” It’s an amazing place to stop.

Plus the gift shop has thousands of items to purchase for gifts. It’s overwhelming. We probably won’t be home til very late Monday night or possibly early Tuesday morning. Either way I will be thankful I am home. Then I will try to catch up on memes and the more important reviews that I need to write. Thanks for still being here with me!

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