A Change will do Me Good [SS273]

This month’s prompt is the word “change.”

What does the word “change” inspire in you? Change of heart, sea change, perhaps the change in your pocket? Does it inspire fear or excitement? Dread or anticipation? Show me what the word means to you in an image! – Sinful Sunday

Change is always difficult, uncomfortable. Change can be good and liberating. Most people don’t like change and I’m not talking about the change in my pocket. lol. Most of us have those bloggers who inspires us to push ourselves. By pushing ourselves we can grow, this comes through change. I have two bloggers that when I see their photos, I say to myself “I wish I could take photos like that!”

Photos in which they are nude and seem to be 100% comfortable with their bodies. I have deep seeded issues when it comes to showing off my naked body, caused by the mental & verbal abuse of two of my exes. You will probably never see my fully nude body. However, I am attempting to change how I see myself by stepping outside my comfortable zone by taking some photos that are different from my regular style.

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