Cell Phone Tripod Adapter [Review]

Since I’ve started getting into taking my photography a little more seriously BUT not too serious. I still have so much to learn. One of the first things I wanted to learn is to use my iPhone more than I have been. I’ve seen some really good photos done with just an iPhone. I’m in awe of those photographers. I want to have that “eye” that they have, knowing when, where to take a great photo. I want to practice taking more photos, editing them. Mostly have some fun with a renewed hobby. I thought maybe my iPhone just screwed on to my tripod. DOH. It didn’t! See, I didn’t know that!!! I started shopping around for camera accessories for my iPhone.

I looked for an adapter that I would be happy with. I settled on the “Cell Phone Tripod Adapter” from DaVoice. I wanted an adapter that would hold my phone with the Griffin Survivor Case still on. I like things that are not complicated to use, but super easy. This is super easy.


  • Just screw adapter to your tripod
  • Pull the tab to stretch out the adapter. It fits a smartphone from 2.8″ to 3.37″ up to wide.   The tab is bendable.
  • Insert your smartphone and release.

That’s it. Your smartphone is held in place. I did notice that the grip is not a super tight one. With my Griffin Case there is a bit of friction between both articles and that prevents the iPhone from falling out of the adapter completely. I’m sure that if it was hit hard enough that the iPhone would fall out completely.

I’m very  satisfied with this product. It was less than $10. I paid $6.95.  I would recommend this product to a friend. If you’re interested in supporting my renewed photography hobby you can browse my Amazon Wish List.

[I did not receive this product complimentary in exchange for testing purposes or for a review of any kind]

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