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Every blogger wants them after working long & hard on a post. I always admire those bloggers who host weekly memes like Molly and Rebel Marie. They always leave comments on everyone’s post. They give their time, energy and sincerity into writing a comment on everyone’s blog post.

Sometimes I get jealous of those bloggers who have tons of comments on their regular posts. I wonder, how do they do it? How do they get their readers to leave all those comments on their posts. Then I remember I have never been one to have tons of friends. I have always had a small group of intimate friends. I feel the same way about my commentators.  Those follow bloggers that always leave something in writing to let me know they were there and read my post. Always a kind word, uplifting, encouraging and inspiring words. I am thankful, grateful and appreciative.


Some of my TOP COMMENTATORS are….

Rebel Marie






A very huge THANK YOU to them for always leaving a kind a word on my blog posts.

Thanks for the Comments



However, every once in a while there are comments left behind that me make shake my head. I received this comment yesterday.

You should have walked away like you said you were going to. You obviously don’t think outside the box. You didn’t hurt him or her…you hurt their 3 kids. And that’s something YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH. why all the secrets? Is your relationship so important that you hide your communication I this form? Fake names? Facebook Profiles? Embedded messages? The photos? You two are sick. Cheaters. And honestly deserve each other. I was married to him for 19.5 years and you just ripped that into pieces. Robyn Crow…I’m looking for you.

Who ever this person is spent a lot of time reading different posts that I had written about my different relationships. I wondered if the woman could be a pissed off wife. WAIT! I’m not chatting up a married man that meets her description unless, he lied to me. Either way, I don’t think this lady truly understands my blog or my writing. My sexual adventures are past tense (some are). I leave the reader wondering if it could be yesterday or 20 years ago. I think of the cyberbullying and cyberstalking that I have read about, I hope her comment is a one time (spam/trash) deal.


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