Buyin’ Junk to Flip on eBay or Amazon

Who doesn’t love a good thrift store find? You find an item that you might have looked for at super low price. It may be gently used, needs some cleaning but it still has enough life left in it for someone else to use it.

I love going shopping at thrift or charity shop, consignment stores and a few flea markets as well. I never know what I could find. gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Buyin' Junk to Flip on eBay or Amazon

My mom posted an announcement that a new type of store is opening in my area. I watched the video advertisement, it was for a goodwill outlet store. That’s a new one to me. This is a first for our area. We have several updated Goodwill and Salvation Army stores but no outlet stores. I was kind of excited about somewhere new to going shopping.

I looked at some of the recommended videos and I became curious. Some of the videos were filmed with a hidden camera inside the GW outlet stores and what I watched made me think “it’s nothing but dumpster diving in a controlled environment.”

Some of the titles of the videos by vloggers that caught my eye…

Goodwill outlet haul for eBay

Four Goodwill Haul Video for eBay and Amazon inventory $100 Spent Profit $600

Over $1000 Haul to Ship to Amazon FBA and Sell on eBay

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not begrudging a person for making a buck. I know that people have to make a buck. Money makes the world go round…

Seriously, this made me really start to think about when I look to buy something on Amazon.  But now … I’m gonna think did someone just buy the item I’m looking at from a goodwill outlet store just to sell on Amazon for a profit? I’m gonna have this in the back of my head now. Always thinking that someone just paid $1.99 for it at Goodwill and are reselling it for $9.99.

I have questions.

  • Is all that work really worth the profit?
  • How much money to you spend on operating your estore/website? Doesn’t ebay and Amazon have a fee to sell items?
  • How much gas does it cost to take the package to get mailed off? How much extra does it cost, like for a box?
  • How much time is spent online? Looking for prices of the items you’re going to sell, etc.
  • Do you really make a lot of money doing this? What happens to the stuff you can’t sell? Where do you keep your supply, in your house somewhere?

Like everything else, when there is too many people doing the same thing, the market becomes saturated. Others will watch the videos and think they to can “flip junk” and instead they end up spending more money than they make or worse end up with stuff they can not sell. I’m sure there are people who are really good at reselling “junk” they found at Goodwill or even garage sales. I’m sure that they make some extra spending cash. I mention before I’m not hating on anyone that does this, but the way some of the YouTube videos are made make me think “no thank you, I don’t wanna buy from Amazon or eBay anymore without some sort of reassurance that I’m not buying junk from someone sitting in their pj’s while in their living room.”

“Buyer Beware.”

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