Meeting people online has always fascinated me.

I’ve often wondered if any one besides the few loyal readers actually read my blog posts. In January of this year, I had written about my son going through a difficult time. How I was angry at God, fate and the world. Feeling helpless as a mother that I could do nothing to help him, being so for away from home.

A man, who I will call “Burt” sent me a direct message, offering his sympathies for my situation. We messaged back & forth for a few days. I think he was curious about me, attracted to my photos and enthralled by my sexual adventures. Like most men, I think he wanted to know if I am real. If what he reads is real, if what he sees is the real me. Curiosity got the best of him, so he reached out.

When any one reaches out to me, I will always answer. Why? Because it’s the courteous thing to do, even if I don’t give them the answer they were hoping for. I will still answer.

Burt shared things about his life, that I would consider super personal and touching. I was honored that he felt he could trust me with personal details of his life. Sometimes, I do wonder if some of the things that people tell me are true. Ya know, like the State Farm commercial.  Burt is a sincere guy who gets my respect for taking a chance for reaching out to me. He disappeared shortly after our few days of conversation. I tend not to chase people. I’m too cat-like, I will be on the back of the sofa, flicking my tail.

While I was in Georgia for my son’s wedding I received another message from Burt. He wanted to know what number he was. Because it seemed that I had written post about those men in my life. I explained that I didn’t know him well enough to write about him. Most of the men I write about have had some sort of positive or negative impact on my life. Burt & I exchanged general conversation, small talk.  Burt asked me this “How do I get to be “loud” fan and get to know you better?” I had no answer for him. What does he wanna know about me? Here are a few questions he asked me.

What prompted you to start the blog? Here are the posts that might answer this question. 

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== BurtDo you get turned on thinking about men reading your adventures and jerking off?  I just addressed this subject in my recent Wicked Wednesday post “Fapping to My Photos & Stories

I will add that I like, respect, admire honesty when it comes to certain things. If a man wants to fap to my photos, to me it tells me that I’m doing what I intended. I don’t want anyone to look at my photos and make a face and ask “WHY?” I started out posting photos on a shoe fetish website. I knew that men were wanking to those shoe photos I posted. Purpose served. I got off on when those men who told me what they did, some even sent me photos of them wanking to photos of my legs, shoes. I got turned on more when those men picked out shoes especially for me. Not for their wife or girlfriend but for me, getting built up searching for the perfect shoe they wanted to see me in. That was an amazing feeling. Keep in mind, shoes are not a fetish of mine. I enjoy enticing those men who have a shoe kink/fetish.

It’s not a sexual turn on, more of an emotional turn on. Knowing that I’m turning on someone else, gives me a high. However, I need to hear it, I need to know it. I need the attention. Yes, I’m an attention whore.

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