Bubble Bath [FebPhotoFest]

I woke up with a sore throat and running nose. Plus I’m hormonal, sneezing and just damn tired. Sleepy more like it. I was always so hyper, never able to nap. In the last few years I can sleep up to two hours for a nap.

The week seemed to drag on. I just kept thinking I wanna soak in a warm bubble bath and Epsom salts.

I was kind of hoping I would hear from my bath partner tonight but he must have been busy. Lately he’s been someone who has been able to get me over my hormonal hump. Giving me that outside emotional support, encouragement and stroking my ego. Just enough to keep me from saying “fuck it I quit.”

Saturday is someone else’s birthday. He’s been someone I have written about in some of my sex adventures. As I soaked in my warm bath I thought of him. I really miss the days we used to have together. Those days when he couldn’t get enough of me. The body language in the last photo represents pretty much I how felt and feel today. Closed off, reflective and craving him. I enjoyed my relaxing quiet hot bath.

Legs & Suds

Rub A Dub Dub

Bath Time

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