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BI’ve mentioned it in a earlier post that I’m working on downsizing, decluttering the house. I’ve always had a thing for books. Though I have difficulty sitting still long enough to finish the book. I also have difficulty retaining the information that I just finished reading. I love to collect books.

I like self-help books, gardening books, reference books and books that help me better understand myself. After my motorcycle accident in 2004 I read a lot of religious books. I was searching for the answer to that question of “Why am I still here?” I no longer look at my faith the same as I did back then. So most of those books are in the donation pile.

Today I went to the local library for one of their book sales. All books were 25 cents!! What I was shocked to see, was a few people with their cell phones in hand grabbing the information on the book and to see if it was worth anything. Those few people had boxes full of books. Why? Why are they planning on selling them for a higher price for a profit? I had been at the antique mall, seen a booth selling old books. First editions wrapped in plastic for $200. I can understand selling a valuable book, but not from the library.

In my collection of books there are a few that I won’t give away. My friend Matt Beckoff wrote a book “Confessions of a Scream Queen” and he gave me the autographed copied from Betsy Palmer. She is Jason’s mother from Friday the 13th Slasher horror movies. I am also keeping the books that were given to me by the authors when I was doing some interviews on my podcast.

B is for Books

My concern is that my “keep” pile is still larger than the “donate” pile. I will have to look through those again. I have a pile of books that I’m planning on reselling, maybe 10 of them.
Here are a few podcasts of interviews with some authors and discussing their books.

Alexandra Clair – Wood’s End

Francine L Trevens – IMAGICS and other family stories

Kimberely Johnson & Ann Werner – The Virgin Diaries

Joni James Alrich – You’re Not Alone

Jodi Ambrose – Intimacy How to get more of it

Frankie Picasso – Midlife Mojo

Not every author sent me a copy of their book. The ones that did I will keep. I had fun doing those interviews. However, I will admit that when I was first starting out doing those podcasts I really didn’t know much about doing interviews. Some of the books I did have difficulty reading and understanding. It was fun at the time.

I really want to be finished sorting through all my books by Monday. Wish me luck!

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