Stringing Up the Lights [BoobDay]

It’s been ages since I’ve participated in Boob Day. I just happened to see another blogger’s post and it dawned on me that its been months since I posted a photo for Boob Day. I had taken a few photos yesterday. A few of them I consider to be “bloopers” because of one reason or another, bad lightening, out of focus, etc. This time I was bending over picking up the string of lights and in my other hand I had the camera. SNAP. Don’t know how I even did it, but I took a photo. Not a very good one, but it’s cleavage! 

 stringing up the lights, bending over showing boob day cleavage
My English Wanker had said “no nudity but just that cleavage and a glimpse of your thighs highs.” I thought SURE why not? Let’s use it. 

Find out more about Boob Day and who else is showing off their amazing tits.


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