Bonita Vox Box [Review]


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Below are some of the highlights to this podcast.

I received the BonitaVoxBox a few days ago.

Inside were a few products that I will need to review.

The products inside the box were…

  • SinfulColors Nail Polish. A new Porcelain Matte – “We’re All Matte Here” #1716. I really don’t know how to describe the color. Rose? I’m not too fond of this color or the matte formula. Maybe the polish is old, but the ridges in my nails can be really seen with this nail polish. And one coat is not enough, I applied 3 coats just to give the color more depth. Otherwise its too light to see. $2.99
  • Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Alcohol free Hydrating Toner. It’s to used after you wash your face in the morning and apply at night. It smells pretty good. No alcohol smell, but it does remind me of the Dollar Store hairspray I bought once. It doesn’t burn my face after washing. Has a bit of a tightening effect, which feels good. I could continue to use this toner. Nice big bottle for $6.99.
  • Revlon Matte Lipcolor. It’s two samples of their new colors for 2016. “HD Obsession” which I’m wearing in the photo (selfie). The second color is “Blushing Mauve” which I will have to take a photo of soon, so you can see it. Not sure I will buy this lipstick, not because I don’t like it but the price is a bit much for my pocket. $8.99 Even with the coupon that I received.
  • Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I’ve had Fiber One products before. Not too bad. I haven’t eaten this one yet, because when it arrived the temperature was somewhere around 90. The chocolate fudge brownie was pretty much liquid in the wrapper. I will eat it – eventually.
  • Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment & Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Dream Come True Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque. Two sample packets. Haven’t tried these yet. I wanna get my hair cut first, then use them. I’m sure I will enjoy them. As far as purchasing the product the bottles are $32 for a 6oz. I don’t think I have ever paid that much for a hair product.



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